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  1. SOLVED by setting: config.plist/Devices/IntelGFX: 0x591B8086 config.plist/Devices/ig-platform-id: 0x591b0000 config.plist/Grahics/CustomEDID: 00FFFFFFFFFFFF000610F29C000000001A150104951A0E7802EF059757549227225054000000010101010101010101010101010101012E3680A070381F40302035007ED71000001A000000FC00436F6C6F72204C43440A202020000000FE004C4720446973706C61790A2020000000FE004C503137335746342D53504633002B config.plist/Grahics/VendorID: 0xE430 config.plist/Grahics/ProductID: 0x4E8
  2. ladeiko

    Fn HotKey and ALS sensor driver for Asus Notebooks

    I did not find any on page1. Github repo is 5 years old
  3. ladeiko

    Fn HotKey and ALS sensor driver for Asus Notebooks

    Hi! Where can I find the latest sources of AsusNBFnKeys.kext?
  4. sorry, saw your message few minutes ago. uploaded dump. any help is welcome debug_7904.zip
  5. tried EDID solution and nvidiagraphicsfixup - still black screen after sleep
  6. Installed macOS High Sierra 10.13.3, disabled dGPU - replaced hardware WiFi by Broadcom one. All works except trackpad. But my problem is black screen if I try to put display into sleep and then wake up it. Can anybody help me? Also is it possible to setup dGPU and use both? CPU: i7 Kabylake RAM: 16GB DDR4-2400 GPU: Intel HD 630 / nVidia GTX1050Ti