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  1. Hi @hayden white, Follow @Jake Lo guide and create a new thread with what you have problems with and I can try to help you from there :), you can @ directly to me, must say that I had som problems getting the High Sierra installation to work but but hope I can assist.
  2. THANKS GUYS! Seems to be working, reinstalled the EFI and did "sudo nvram -c".. crossing my fingers .
  3. Thanks @Allan and @Bronxteck, will try your tips tomorrow morning (don't have access to the computer right now :(). By clearing nvram, you mean: nvram -c on clover screen right?
  4. Hi, Sorry for probably having a mess in the EFI folder / config, I have three problem, one that's really annoying on my E7450. My screen goes to sleep, after about 30 seconds, I can wake it up and log in, but... it then goes to sleep again. My smaller problems When having a usb pluged in during boot, sometimes it gets stuck, not often. Sometimes the trackpad stops working, not often. THANKS for any help with this! debug_23148.zip config.plist.zip
  5. Thanks @Bronxteck! Tried all settings with both boxes checked, no difference .
  6. Have gotten a lot of help from @Jake Lo on this, and I would like to again thank him for this! He couldn't find any issue on the logs, so probably something on the system/7480, if anyone figures this out in the future on a dell latitude 7480 please share with me :)! THANKS AGAIN @Bronxteck and @Jake Lo for your help/time!
  7. Thank @Bronxteck, nope, no RC scripts during install. This is my latest debug and clover config, if anyone have any tips I'll be really happy! Thanks for all the help so far you guys are great!
  8. Same Issue Trying to upload new debug, but I'm only allowed to upload 860kb.
  9. Thanks, didn't make any difference, but.. I noticed now that the problem looks like this: On boot the display is slightly dimmed, I can then adjust it to get it brighter, then, I can't adjust it to get as dark as it was on boot, but If I hold the brightness adjuster and slide it down it gets darker when! I almost am hitting the darkest settings (now the display is really dark), I can then adjust it to the brighest, but, seems like there's no in between.
  10. Sorry! Attaching. I'm adjusting it in /System Prefe/Displays. I can slide it up on boot, once, then I can't adjust it any more . CLOVER.zip debug_27578.zip
  11. Thanks @Jake Lo and @Bronxteck Yes, settings is off in energy saving. With the attached config and kext I can raise the brightness once, but can't seem to adjust it after that (lower it - increase it) , any tips? Thanks!!
  12. Hi, Trying to get brightness control to work in High Sierra on a Dell Latitude 7480.. The display is generally dark, and brightness control in system setting won't work - thanks for any help!
  13. Hmm, no but try to install from this (with usb keyboard and mouse): Try to make a bootable usb following the below guide: Format your drive as Mac OS Extended (Journaled), name it MyVolume just to make the below command easy. Open a terminal window, copy the below (have your High Sierra download in your Application folder). sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ High\ Sierra.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/MyVolume --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ macOS\ High\ Sierra.app Download and install clover for High Sierra on your usb (make sure you select your USB during installation!) Make sure you select your boot option for your bios, ex. uefi and select Driver64UEFI/OsxAptioFix2Drv-64 in clover. Drag and replace your efi folder with the attached folder. Drag Clover and ktext beast to your usb, not your efi partion the other one (download from tonyx86). Restart and select your new boot and install. After installation install clover to your new OSX drive and drag your ktext as above (replace your efi folder with attached). EFI install.zip
  14. Hi guys, Can't donate money, says mail ain't connected to paypal: ***
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