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  1. Not quite solved. I am still dropping audio after cold reboot and need to boot Live Ubuntu to restore.
  2. SOLVED by simply booting from USB drive to Live Ubuntu twice. Audio fully restored on both systems. I just need explanation why this trick worked.
  3. My audio is undetectable on High Sierra 10.13.6 and Mojave 10.14.2. Audio Codec is ALC288 , layout id 13 for my model. DCPIManager shows 2 audio controllers: 8086:160C Name: Broadwell-U Audio Controller 8086:9CA0 Name: Wildcat Point-LP High Definition Audio Controller debug_30079.zip
  4. I've tried to install Mojave with dosdude1's Mojave patcher tool to keep my HFS+ files since my clover doesn't see APFS. Boot verbose shows "Lilu: [email protected] to find" "Lilu: [email protected] mismatch",multiple times "Refusing new kext", "Unsupported CPU", "Unsuporrted PCH"
  5. Good news for me and others who want to stay with HSF+ in the future. There is converter APFS to HSF+ file and its free apfs-hfs-converter @Jake Lo Could you tell me more about those CrazyBrid's mod files please?
  6. After long time researching I've found a way around. First I reverted back to Sierra and from there I upgraded to High Sierra using startosinstall with NO ConvertToAPFS option in terminal. It worked great . I wonder if this trick will work with Mojave 10.14.
  7. I have installed latest clover on USB stick and it is same behavior. Only loads without ApfsDriverLoader-64.efi
  8. Once I place either ApfsDriverLoader-64.efi or APFS.efi to drivers64UEFI, Clover won't boot at all. I use VboxHfs.efi since HFSPlus never worked for me from the beginning.
  9. Both clover and windows 10 were installed for UEFI. On Sierra everything worked.
  10. That exactly what I have done right before high sierra update. It must be something else.
  11. Hello everyone! I have recently updated my xps 13 9343 from sierra 10.12.6 to high sierra 10.13.6. I know my all files are converted to apfs format and I need apfs.efi or apsfdriverloader.efi in EFI clover driversUEFI64 folder to load partition. I have dual boot Windows 10. Once I place those files to that folder, clover won't boot as all. Without those files I can only see Windows partition. So now I am stuck half way. Is there a conflict? What could be wrong?
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