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  1. SOLVED by simply booting from USB drive to Live Ubuntu twice. Audio fully restored on both systems. I just need explanation why this trick worked.
  2. My audio is undetectable on High Sierra 10.13.6 and Mojave 10.14.2. Audio Codec is ALC288 , layout id 13 for my model. DCPIManager shows 2 audio controllers: 8086:160C Name: Broadwell-U Audio Controller 8086:9CA0 Name: Wildcat Point-LP High Definition Audio Controller debug_30079.zip
  3. I've tried to install Mojave with dosdude1's Mojave patcher tool to keep my HFS+ files since my clover doesn't see APFS. Boot verbose shows "Lilu: file@failed to find" "Lilu: patcher@uuid mismatch",multiple times "Refusing new kext", "Unsupported CPU", "Unsuporrted PCH"
  4. Good news for me and others who want to stay with HSF+ in the future. There is converter APFS to HSF+ file and its free apfs-hfs-converter @Jake Lo Could you tell me more about those CrazyBrid's mod files please?
  5. After long time researching I've found a way around. First I reverted back to Sierra and from there I upgraded to High Sierra using startosinstall with NO ConvertToAPFS option in terminal. It worked great . I wonder if this trick will work with Mojave 10.14.
  6. I have installed latest clover on USB stick and it is same behavior. Only loads without ApfsDriverLoader-64.efi
  7. Once I place either ApfsDriverLoader-64.efi or APFS.efi to drivers64UEFI, Clover won't boot at all. I use VboxHfs.efi since HFSPlus never worked for me from the beginning.
  8. Both clover and windows 10 were installed for UEFI. On Sierra everything worked.
  9. That exactly what I have done right before high sierra update. It must be something else.
  10. Hello everyone! I have recently updated my xps 13 9343 from sierra 10.12.6 to high sierra 10.13.6. I know my all files are converted to apfs format and I need apfs.efi or apsfdriverloader.efi in EFI clover driversUEFI64 folder to load partition. I have dual boot Windows 10. Once I place those files to that folder, clover won't boot as all. Without those files I can only see Windows partition. So now I am stuck half way. Is there a conflict? What could be wrong?
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