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  1. Hi ptesone, just wanted to tell how pleased I am with the D620's NOW.

    VoodooBattery.kext had to be replaced with AppleACPIBatteryManager.kext and of course VoodooHDA load after boot.

    I also modded the DSDT with Joe82 indication sleep now is a joy mouse reconnects flawlessly.

  2. It seem's there is some hope for GMA950 on D620 I just read this morning on this post... acceleration working ... [GUIDE] SUCCESS! 10.8 Fully working on OLD macbook with GMA950 http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1325709
  3. Hi I was plagued by random KP at boot and tried just anything ... waiting times at boot after the password ... fresh installs of VoodooHDA ... repair permissions zillion of times After a fresh install maybe 2 or 3 days the machine was behaving nicely and the suddenly KP's and most of the time the culprit VoodooHDA. So I just want to share the solution which is not mine but from AndersTech with the VoodooLaucher wich installs after OS X has booted and this is the of KP at boot. I'm using the latest kext from here VooddoHDA 2.7.3 work's great beside the mic. Happy sound and forget KP's
  4. In BIOS you select Security/Password Bypass and then Resume Bypass... I read it somewhere and applied it. Work's great.
  5. Did you set a system password in bios? or folowed the procedure in Wiki "Getting sleep to work on your Dell Latitude with OSX". Work's well. You can even set an overide in BIOS so you have to only to start with a password but not needed after wake. Very neat.
  6. D620 / Core 2 Duo T7200 2ghz / CRC OSX Bios / Chameleon 2 RC5 r / Intel 945 Graphics / 4gb ram / SL 10.6.7 / Lion 10.7 GM/ Working bluetooth WiFi

  7. Hi Bronx, This was great now it boot's perfectly and everything seems working. Thank's a lot. Extra folder.tiff
  8. Hi Fabio. I also got it working, every thing seems fine so far LAN WiFi Audio sleep and wake. Just one problem screen of GMA950 darkens while booting. At present the only way to get it right is to force a sleep and then press the Power button for wake. I also tried Replacing the AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext in /s/l/e with the one from DP3 fixes the issue. As suggested by Leon in http://www.r2x2.com/users/lsb/weblog/031d9/Lion_DP4_tip_Fixing_backlight_issue_for_GMA950_graphic_cards.html But not working for me. Any idea? Thank's.
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