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  1. Dear Marco, I managed to install Catalina and it works without problems, I attach screenshots for review or analysis. Now I must test the operation in production mode, I'll tell you what's new. regards, TeroRERO
  2. Hi @acquarius.13 , Today I will test the installation and comment on the results. Thank you. Regards, TeroRERO
  3. Please share your EFI folder for (Catalina Latitude e7450 with Intel HD graphics only) functional to replicate with my e7450, thank you in advance.
  4. Dear: Latitude E7450, BIOS A19 | i5-5300u 2.3 GHz | 16GB DDR3 | only Intel HD 5500, 1920x1080 | Replaced Dell DW1560 | Mojave10.14.1 |
  5. Dear viking1304: please share your updated EFI folder, thank you very much.
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