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  1. Use this DSDT for 10.7.3 and 1440x900 display
  2. Hi! Have a look here. At end of the site there are 6 cards which are known to working perfectly. cheers
  3. So you have a resolution of 1440x900? Have you tried the dsdt ive posted? If not, this version is especially for this resolution so goto post 20 download the dsdt. Copy it to your USB-drive into the Extra folder - replace existing one. Retry with this DSDT. If it works install Snow again - run EDP and befor reboot replace dsdt in your HDD root/Extra
  4. Use EDP 1.9.1 and try again, but if you have a intel wifi card unplug it befor
  5. Short question. are u installing lion or snow? because dsdt and latest edp is for lion
  6. u havent a broadcom card?? original intel - right? then the only way is to unplug your wifi card and install without - sry
  7. into extra folder.. on your pen drive and after installation on your hdd in Extra
  8. Oke guys here u are... Fresh DSDT for Intel D630 with resolution 1440x900. Works here without KP. Use latest chameleon and EDP grap as long as its hot D630_GMA_HighResLCD.zip
  9. Hi! Please tell us what you have done till now. Btw. maybe its better to install lion? So to do: - Prepare usb stick with SL or Lion image - Install chameleon on it, i use 1627 from here - Get the latest bootable Extra file from here and copy it to root of your pen drive - reboot and select usb drive to boot from - install OSX - reboot with pendrive selected into fresh installed OSX - install chameleon on OSX HDD - install EDP - unplug pen drive and reboot for me it worked flawless on my Intel D630... cheers
  10. Try Alt+L or WinKey+L Mac Keyboard Layout is much different than MS. Btw \ is Shift+Alt+7 or Shift+WinKey+7 cheers
  11. nice to hear btw. editing the smbios.plist should solve your problem just set SMmaximalclock to 2400 instead of 2200 cheers
  12. So Guys... Here we go. Dell Precision M4300 is up and running with OSX Lion. I inserted the whole Extra folder and will communicate to put it into next EDP. Btw. I created a bios flash and will put it into the hardware section cheers CRC M4300_Extra.zip
  13. Hi. Im using them second battery insteadof the dvd drive. And it seems to work perfectly in OSX 10.7.2 . So maybe you should update to latest OS . It shows both in the menubar and it also shows loading and plugged in on powersuply. Im using voodoobattery and its on a D630... cheers CRC
  14. May one of our DSDT pros have a look at this thread. Its a generated DSDT and i dont think it will work ootb with SL. Maybe someone can correct a little bit the DSDT. Thanks cheers CRC generated DSDT.zip
  15. does the dsdt work or not? maybe some of our dsdt pros may have a look... if u can wait i can communicate... At first here is the bios with modified dsdt from simeonoff (all credits to him ) in it... BTW. try to recover first - if it works give a short feedback if it wont work - have a look here - do the things - post your linux dump and wait for a better fitting dsdt cheers CRC btw. WIFI and ATI wont work probably D810_OSX.zip
  16. send me the bios and the dsdt and i will do it for u... but be warned bios flashing with modified bios may brick your notebook... btw if u want it to do at your own you have to hex edit the dsdt into your bios file
  17. Hi! Because of your -say it diplomatic - ungood english i will try to answer you in german but please remember this is a english spoken forum so if anyone will assist we have to switch back to english ... Also erstens: Leider unterstützen wir momentan Lion nicht wirklich da es noch in der Beta Phase ist. Außerdem hast du ein DELL Modell was leider von unserem EDP Package nicht unterstützt wird. Zweitens: Installieren lieber SL - ist nicht nur hübscher sondern funktioniert auch. Desweiteren hat Leon den XPS 1330 im EDP Package eingepflanzt also würde ich es mit diesen settings probieren. Ob das wirklich funktioniert kann ich dir aber leider auch nicht sagen. Vlt. schickst du ihm eine PN und klärst das mit im ab er ist aber grad auf Urlaub, deswegen ... Ansonsten wirst du dich ein bischen ins Wiki einlesen müssen (leider English) aber ich bin mir sicher dass du mit der dort gegebenen Hilfe Snow Leo ohne großen Aufwand zum laufen bekommst. Falls Du weitere Fragen hast, melde dich einfach LG aus Österreich cheers CRC
  18. Thats fine now u got it . Btw did u flashed the bios?
  19. crc-error404


    Ya i did get it worked, but didnt finished the project till now... to less time at moment...
  20. crc-error404


    Hey im new here. Nice to meet everyone! Hope you all have a good day muuahaha - stupid is as stupid does
  21. ptesone you posted in a 5 month old thread and yes orange is the NEW red
  22. crc-error404


    Hey im new here. Im crc, how is everyone? I look forwards to being a active memeber edit: i banned him first
  23. create a bootable dos usb stick - try freedos - boot into dos - flash bios by typing the exactly name followed by enter: D630_OSX.EXE --> Enter
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