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  1. Just writing 'Preboot' in Hide Volume list doesn't work (it was the same writing just 'Windows'). BTW I have a lot of Bios Boot options. Many are idle ('no bootable device'). Is it safe to delete them?
  2. Well that useless Windows entry is now hidden. I had to write the complete partition ID string in "Hide Volume". The button for boot "FileVault from recovery HD" is a different issue because it is in the same partition of "boot from recovery HD". It seems to work like a duplicate. Is there a way to hide it?
  3. I mean a Windows "dead" entry. Not a real issue just something useless to clean up. All buttons in Clover work fine. Thanks for your help. Jake Lo your guide is fantastic! I am undecided about updating to 10.12.6. It's said that last updates break the system.
  4. WOW, you got it! That folder was almost empty. I made some mistakes of course. Now please how can I manage the "dead buttons" in Clover? And all those bios uefi entries?
  5. Reinstalled everything. Clover bootloader doesn't show Sierra nor OSXRecovery. I selected "all entries" in Clover options bur still no Osx. Uefi boot menu from Bios shows a lot of entries. I feel really confused. Any help? Thanks in advance
  6. Couldn't reinstall Windows anymore in previous partition. I think that reinstall everything should be the quickest way. Thanks for your response.
  7. Hi everybody. I have a problem that can't resolve after reading almost everything on net. I don't attach now a report file because I don't know what the correct one should be and how to get it. My issue is about booting /Sierra 12.5 /Windows 10 /Linux Mint 18 on Dell E6430 IvyBridge. First installed El Capitan and got the system working with Clover triple boot. Then I got issues with El Capitan updates. So I decided for a clean re-install into the same partition, stepping to Sierra 12.5. Installation ok. Here's my mess: Before installation I copied the ElCapitan working-EFI-folder to USB. After installation of Sierra I ADDED to previous Microsoft and Ubuntu Folder to new EFI folder. But now Windows doesn't boot from any Clover entry: "BlInitializeLibrary failed 0xc00000bb" error. I can't boot Windows from BIOS as well. No way. I can boot Mint though. Is there a workaround to get Windows booting? BTW I lost also the recovery partition boot option. Thanks in advance.
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