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E6430: booting problems after reinstalling OS X


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Hi everybody. I have a problem that can't resolve after reading almost everything on net. I don't attach now a report file because I don't know what the correct one should be and how to get it.

My issue is about booting  /Sierra 12.5 /Windows 10 /Linux Mint 18  on Dell E6430 IvyBridge.

First installed El Capitan and got the system working with Clover triple boot. 

Then I got issues with El Capitan updates. So I decided for a clean re-install into the same partition, stepping to Sierra 12.5. Installation ok.

Here's my mess:

Before installation I copied the ElCapitan working-EFI-folder to USB. After installation of Sierra I ADDED to previous Microsoft and Ubuntu Folder to new EFI folder.

But now Windows doesn't boot from any Clover entry: "BlInitializeLibrary failed 0xc00000bb" error. 

I can't boot Windows from BIOS as well. No way.

I can boot Mint though.

Is there a workaround to get Windows booting?

BTW I lost also the recovery partition boot option.

Thanks in advance.


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Reinstalled everything.

Clover bootloader doesn't show Sierra nor OSXRecovery.

I selected "all entries" in Clover options bur still no Osx. Uefi boot menu from Bios shows a lot of entries.

I feel really confused.

Any help?

Thanks in advance

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I mean a Windows "dead" entry. Not a real issue just something useless to clean up.

All buttons in Clover work fine.

Thanks for your help. Jake Lo your guide is fantastic!

I am undecided about updating to 10.12.6. It's said that last updates break the system.

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Under GUI of the Config file, add 'Windows' to Hide Volume (without the quotes)

Not much difference from 10.12.5 to 10.12.6. Maybe use comboUpdate instead of Appstore to update.

Make sure to have latest Clover install or at least 4458

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Well that useless Windows entry is now hidden. I had to write the complete partition ID string in "Hide Volume".

The button for boot  "FileVault from recovery HD" is a different issue because it is in the same partition of "boot from recovery HD". It seems to work like a duplicate.

Is there a way to hide it?


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