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  1. Liem Vo

    7480 no touch pad

    Updated Lilu & AppleLC kexts seem to fix the issue. I will try injected EDID. Thank you Jake Lo.
  2. Liem Vo

    7480 no touch pad

    My touchpad work on boot and after wake, the GPI0 is 0x0000 I've tried I2C Controller patch by Coolstar but not work for me. On boot it stuck at: AppleIntelLpssI2CCController::_servingMatchingTimeSubr: fTimeServiceMatching timed out, fNotifications 0 I removed Apple I2C kexts then work fine. Almost everything worked on E7480, except some minor issues: - Weird sound lost, if it lost i have to restart 2 times and it works again - Brightness adjust only work after sleep / wake - Touchpad multi touch gestures, VoodooI2CSynaptics not support yet - If HDMI plug in and close the lid, instead of sleep all window transfer to HDMI monitor and laptop screen completed out, no way to turn in on again. - Some time boot stuck at busy timeout[0]
  3. Liem Vo

    7480 no touch pad

    Sleep working now, thanks you! Could you please tell me which patch you applied to DSDT? debug_15144.zip
  4. Liem Vo

    Dell Latitude 7480 - High Sierra: Any how-to?

    How do you make brightness control work? Mine only work after sleep. debug_9866.zip
  5. Liem Vo

    7480 no touch pad

    I'm able to make the touchpad work by copy the VoodooI2C kexts to /L/E, remove AppleI2C kexts and use GPIO pin 0x0000. But It now just like a mouse, how to make the 2-3 fingers gestures works? Also i have problem with sleep, it wake immediately after sleep a few seconds. debug_2482.zip
  6. Liem Vo

    7480 no touch pad

    Thanks you, but touchpad still not work after using your DSDT. The sound did not work the first and second time restart after i disabled AppleHDA patches. It worked after the third restart. debug_5136.zip
  7. Liem Vo

    7480 no touch pad

    Hello, I've successfully install High Sierra on E7480 i7600U. But the touchpad does not working, i've tried VoodooPS2, Redefined ALPS kext, VoodooI2C but none working. Also i have problem with Apple backlight, i can only adjust brightness after sleep/wake (It immediately wakes after sleep a few seconds) Audio ALC256 not alway works, sometime not working after restart. Thanks in advance debug_19438.zip