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  1. I didn't try this solution directly but I did update to High Sierra (10.13.6). It looks like the bootpack has this method (layout id = 12) and this problem is gone. Thank you Jake! EDIT - sorry I spoke too fast. I still heard the sound after the most recent reboot. So it seems it's not happening every time but the problem is still there. Guess I will need to try out other layout ids?
  2. Thanks Jake. Unfortunately I didn't see your message in time. I did some thing more "radical": I updated to High Sierra (well the old system is not all working anyway, so I guess I would just give another version a try). Again I followed your guide. During installation, the weird part is that I lost my internal display for a couple of times (laptop screen just went black). I thought the installation was dead but after I hooked up the HDMI cable I found the video output was on the external display only. That's quite strange but I managed to complete the install. Then I unplugged the HDMI cable and tried the docking station. This time I used the DP port since I noticed your Clover config is already patching DP. Then.. for the first time, the external monitor received signal! It shows a "snowfall" for a couple of seconds (what you see on a old old analog TV without antenna). Then it shows the desktop. The resolution is correct, but the color is not :( It seems the black color has been changed to purple, and the whole screen feels like it's been covered with something. But, at least this is the first time I saw something through the docking station! I then replaced the DP patch with DVI patch and tired the DVI cable. Restarted and the monitor's build-in speakers made some loud noise for a few seconds, and the picture came up. Unfortunately it's the same as the DP port. The color is still wrong. Another problem I found is that with either DP or DVI port, I cannot shut down the laptop correctly. It just hangs there and I had to press and hold the power button to shut off. All these problems make DVI/DP port unusable. So I had to switch back to HDMI. The problem is that with HDMI I always lose my internal display. SysPrefs->Display does not show it at all. So I did more tests. One of those was that I completely disabled both patches for HDMI and DVI/DP. To my surprise, the external display still works through HDMI! IOreg shows the connector type is the default "0004 0000", yet my external monitor works fine. Also with both patches disabled I got the internal display back - sort of. The first time I boot up, there is no internal display. But if I do a sleep and come back, I have both displays. Again, not sure why. Finally I tried DVI/DP ports (without any patch), as expected, there is nothing at all showing up. So to sum up (I know there is a lot of info, sorry about that), with High Sierra (10.13.6): 1. With HDMI and DVI/DP patches, I don't have internal display with HDMI connection; wrong color/no power off with DVI/DP; 2. Without any patches, HDMI still works and so does internal display after recovering from sleep. 3. In either option I never get the mirroring options" button in the menu bar. Any insight on what is going on here? I'm more interested in #2 why internal display does not work on first boot but works after sleep. If this could be fixed, I think I can live without the docking station. Thanks
  3. Thank you, Jake! I'm currently using AppleHDA_ALC292.kext. Do I use AppleALC.kext to replace this one?
  4. That's bad news. The popping sound could be really loud and I even worried it could break the internal speaker. If I connect the HDMI cable, both the monitor (which has built-in speaker) and the laptop make this noise upon restarting or powering off. It seems it always shuts down the audio source before shutting down the speaker, which seems to be a bad design.
  5. OK to clean things up I did a re-install following Jake's guide again. This time I reused the kexts and config.plist from the current Clover folder (maybe a bad choice?). Well, I still don't have the DVI output from the dock. What's worse, it seems my HDMI output is having some problem too. This is the HDMI port built into the laptop, and it was working fine. After this reinstallation, the HDMI still works (external monitor), but I somehow lost my internal display! No matter which choice I use (mirror internal, mirror external, use separate), I only get output on the external display. If I disconnect the HDMI cable, I get nothing. Not sure what happened. Has anyone seen any problem like this? How to get the internal display back?
  6. Herve, Thank you so much for verifying your setup! Really appreciate you spent the time debugging someone else's problem. Yes I confirmed I have a good connection with the docking station. It actually has two positions and I happen to have both E5400 and E7440, which use different positions. I confirmed the eject button is lit blue. I tried port #7 and this is my patch: 0600260A 01030303 00000002 00003001 00009000 00000060 D90A0000 D90A0000 00000000 00000000 00000800 02000000 30000000 01051200 00080000 87000000 03061200 00020000 87000000 Note that I kept the 9MB cursor patch at the same time (not entirely sure what it does though). First I tried patching no the fly using Clover, and second tried patching directly on the binary on S/L/E (and disabled Clover patch). Both gave me the same result. Still no display My ioreg looks as follows: The Display Pipe is FFFF and there is no display detected. Could it be a problem of DSDT? I'm using the "default" DSDT comes with Jake's boot pack in his guide. I have not spent the time to re-compile my own one. Can that be the problem? Anyway, somehow port #6 gives me a display with no signal sending to it. And port #7 gives me nothing at all. Thanks,
  7. E7440 fresh El Capitan install following Jake's guide: I found when restarting or shutting down, the speaker makes a loud popping sound. It's like when you turn off the preamp before turning off the speaker, and the speaker makes that pop noise. I searched online and tried the antipop app, but it didn't work. Is there anyway to fix this issue? Thanks,
  8. That's right. This is what I changed to: 0600260A 01030303 00000002 00003001 00009000 00000060 D90A0000 D90A0000 00000000 00000000 00000800 02000000 30000000 01051200 00080000 87000000 02041200 00020000 87000000 FF000000 01000000 40000000 I also tried setting priority to "09", no change.
  9. Hi Herve, Thank you very much for your quick reply. I'm encouraged that you think El Capitan should work Sorry I didn't make it clear. I have been using Clover to patch the binary on the fly (this should be the final version used, correct?). I did NOT change the binary myself. So the first bullet you mentioned is what I'm doing now. So your docking station has even more video ports. When they worked for you, did the displays all come from one framebuffer? I was surprised that no matter which port I use on the docking station (DVI, DP, or even VGA), they were all from #6 with framebuffer2. My understanding is that one framebuffer is linked with only one port (DVI OR DP). If they all are mapped to one framebuffer, how can one use both DVI or DP at the same time (or maybe that's not possible?) Every time I can see the display being connected to the framebuffer in ioreg, but there is just no output. Also I found if I keep it plugged in to the docking station (DVI or DP) it usually causes crashes when I reboot the machine. Unplugging it and I don't have an issue. So I know the framebuffer patch is making a difference, but it's just not giving me the desired output. I read through all the posts in your guide. It seems the last reply (by metrobug) described the same problem as I'm having now. He is also using 10.11.6, which is the same OS. He has a slightly different e7240, but the iGPU is the same HD4400 as mine.
  10. First I would like to say Thank You to Jake Ho, Herve, and all other contributors to the forum. Not only you did all the research and experiment, but also you spent the time to put things together and made these wonderful guides. Really great work! My laptop is Dell E7440 and I followed this guide to install El Capitan (10.11.6): https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/8506-dell-latitude-inspiron-precision-vostro-xps-clover-guide/ HDMI works fine since Jake has has correct patch in the Clover config to begin with. Then I found the DVI/DP ports on the docking station (PR03X) don't work. I found Herve's guide: https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/8723-enabling-dvidphdmi-and-increasing-vram-with-intel-haswell4th-gen-hd420044004600etc-igpu/ So I tried to patch the Azul kext myself. It has 3 ports, #0, #5, and #6. With #0 assigned to built-in display and #5 to HDMI. #6 is currently assigned to DP and I changed it to DVI: before: 02040900 00040000 87000000 after: 03061200 00020000 87000000 This does not work. I found that the port is actually #6 not #7 so I did this: before: 02040900 00040000 87000000 after: 02041200 00020000 87000000 No go either. But at least, with this patch IOreg can detect the monitor. A "display0" was added to the table with correct vendorID, etc. But there is no signal received by the monitor. I then tried all kinds of patches. I found no matter which port I set to (I tried DVI, DP, and even VGA), it always goes to the #6 port (which is framebuffer2). Does that mean all the ports on the docking station share the same port? If that is the case, how would dual monitor work? So I went a step further and added the fourth port (#7). I tried different port number but no display is ever assigned to this port. They always go to #6. I think the patch was working to some extend, as the system can detect the monitor and retrieve some info. However, there seems to be some missing link that the video out is missing. Does anyone know what that could be? Can DSDT play a role here? How are these kext files interact anyway? At one point I tried replacing the HDMI port with a DVI port, then I found the audio stopped working. I thought that should be in AppleHDA kext. Why altering HDMI affects the internal speaker? I noticed Herve mentioned that dual monitor setup stopped working after a Sierra update. I'm using El Capitan though. Really appreciate any help or insight on debugging this issue.
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