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E7440 SSDT question


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Trying to install OC Big Sur on my E7440. First I followed the OC guide and created SSDT patches and config.plist manually. Got kernel panic and it doesn't launch the installer. Then I tried Jake's files from this post:


No kernel panic and installer started. I want to find out what the differences are. I noticed the SSDT patches are quite different. For example, for CPU management Jake's patch has the following code:


DefinitionBlock ("", "SSDT", 2, "CORP", "CpuPlug", 0x00003000)
    External (_SB_.PR00, ProcessorObj)

    Scope (\_SB.PR00)


So the CPU name is \_SB.PR00. However when I checked on my E7440 the CPU name is PR_.CPU0. Other SSDT patches have similar name discrepancies.


I thought my names are right, yet my installer doesn't even start, while Jake's files are working out-of-box!


My questions are: Are there any patch/code that is renaming all the devices? Or does my E7440 just have different BIOS names (maybe due to different BIOS versions)? I'm still trying to find out what the differences are between Jake's files and mine, but this first question really baffles me.



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Hi, Jake


Thank you so much for checking my files! Attached is what I get when using this EFI. Not sure which one of the two is the real problem. Your files don't have these issues and can launch the installer.


I found there is another name difference in SSDT-HPET.aml. I used SSDTTime to create this SSDT and the device name is (confirmed by manually checking the device manager as well):




Your file has a slightly different name:




For SSDT-EC.aml, I found my E7440 already has the correct name. Based on the OC tutorial it says:


"PNP0C09 already named EC

Congrats! No need to create an SSDT-EC! However you will still want USBX if you're Skylake or newer."


Therefor I didn't insert a SSDT-EC.aml. Is this correct?




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No, most are just for cosmetics exported from Hackintool.app under PCIe. You can export them from your system and replace into the Config, but make sure to keep the following which is pretty much all you need really:

  • Audio  // optional - can be left out too and only use alcid=12 as bootarg is enough
  • Video
  • Wifi //can be left off too if you have different wifi, mine is customized for DW1550
  • SDCard

Basically anyone that has 'compatible' in it, should be saved, other than Video and Audio. The rest can go

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Great! Thanks, Jake.


Just realize I get white noise with headphones. I've already used CodecCommander.kext. I only have layout-id listed in my Device Properties though. Maybe I need to add other entries too. Or is there something else that can affect this? The HDMI audio works fine.





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