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  1. The bluetooth issues got worse, now it is randomly "not available". and only way to fix it is to restart till it is back online again. Any idea what can it be?
  2. For some reason, the bluetooth stop working after waking up from sleep. Is there any idea how to fix it? It says "bluetooth not available". The Wi-Fi seems to be okay. After restart it is solved.
  3. I switch to chrome with the 1080p Netflix extension (otherwise only 720 is supported in chrome). I didn't try the tutorial above (I don't know what might be the consequences on the machine/breaking stuff).
  4. And one more question: apparently Netflix doesn't work on safari due to DRM issues (or few other video contents) https://www.tonycrapx86.com/threads/itunes-protected-video-black-screen-solution-hdcp.195083/ https://climbjoe.tv/watch-netflix-using-html5-safari/ Does anyone know how to fix it for Intel HD 520?
  5. so the problem was with the Chinese card. I ordered a different now I have wifi + bluetooth. only would be nice to find solution for the caps lock (very annoying). btw, could anyone get handoff (shared clipboard) to work?
  6. I ordered it again from a different supplier, just in case it got damaged during the delivery/hardware issue (because it does detects the intel wifi/bt in the bios settings). I will keep you updated. Thanks!
  7. I received the dw1560, however seems like it is not recognised on the laptop. in the bios it says wifi module/bt: none. Any idea if this module is even supported on latitude e7470? I have the recent bios version.
  8. I configured Karabiner manually - here is the json file for the new version. need to place it in ~/.config/karabiner/ however, It doesn't include the trackstick scrolling (I couldn't solve it) karabiner.json.zip
  9. To make it clear. the audio hotkeys (fn) works (f2+f3), but not brightness (for some reason mapped to fn+f6, only decreasing brightness is mapped). Also the Trackstick Scrolling function doesn't work. I tried to implement it via Karabiner: No option for point devices / cursor move (seems like the trackpad is not detected although it works). also it is unclear how to add the xml file. UPDATE: I just found out that the key maps are wrong. also, Karbiner was updated and the new version doesn't support xml anymore but only json. does anyone has this json file? or old version of karbiner? other solution to force the correct mapping for e7470? I tried this converter but it doesn't work https://github.com/durka/karaconv/
  10. I do - changing it manually in the settings works now. However, the keyboard hotkey doesn't work (can it be mapped to fn?). Also, I am now suffering that the machine gets stuck sometimes (freeze for 5-7 seconds) since the changes in the EFI. Any idea why? My display card is Intel HD 520 1536 MB graphics.
  11. I am still unable to change the brightness. I replaced the files and copied to extensions. I also ran the permissions.sh I see also many other kexts in the extensions folder that I copied there previously from the generic installation guide. could it be a problem? When I run permissions.sh or sudo kextcache -i / I see the following errors:
  12. Any solution? Were you able to fix it? AppleBacklightInjector is also not loaded on my machine for some reason.
  13. Also for the brightness control of the screen? Is it possible to make it functional? I see in clover configurator that setintelbacklight + setintelmaxbacklight both not selected. I tried to select them, however - it showed only black screen after reboot. so I recovered it and deselect it and not it boots normally again with apple logo etc.
  14. Thanks Jake. I went for the 1560. Btw, is there a quick fix for the caps lock issue (need to double click) ?
  15. Any idea if DW1820A works (bt + 5g + 2.4g) ? https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/BCM94350ZAE-DW1820A-802-11ac-VW3T3-BT4-1-867Mbps-BCM94350-M2-NGFF-WiFi-Wireless-Network-Card-better/3474053_32881362418.html I found this quite cheap compared to the other that was suggested in the previous reply. It seems to be supported based on this: - Any experience with it? "Dell DW1820A NGFF M.2 14e4-43a3 BCM4350 A/B/G/N/AC ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? OOB ?"
  16. I am not 100% sure. I suspect it might be intel. I read that the support is very limited (although I see some progress here- https://github.com/rpeshkov/IntelWifi ). any way to check it? (maybe in bios). if it is intel, what is the best to do?
  17. Update: I used in the USB the EFI from this user and now it loads: However, Wi-Fi + BT doesn't seem to work (they are listed in the spec) - audio works.
  18. I am able to boot only when: "deselect Drop all OEM SSDT Check all the Drop "SSDT-xx" below that" I tried any EFI and config files that I've found around here, but no success: either panic crash, or freeze. (followed https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/8506-dell-latitude-inspiron-precision-vostro-xps-clover-guide/ + tried to update Kexts) Laptop: Dell Latitude E7470, bios 1.17.5, intel i5. macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 origin (f4 from clover) is attached. Any idea what to do? origin.zip
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