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  1. My OC 0.6.9 boot to 11.4 oki but update kext in Kext Repo and add boot arg -lilubetaall -wegbeta don't work
  2. reset NVRam after change. Update: i know why Fan Control app disables it.
  3. It work only 10 seconds after booting and don't work later? i don't know why?
  4. EFI work good on beta 4, but beta 5 don't work FN key brightness?
  5. Thanks Jake, i install public beta 4 work great but i can't sleep with EFI of U. U can help?
  6. I don’t see reset SMC on boot? How enable it? thanks U
  7. Delete AirPortBrcm4360_Injector.kext in plugin? i have OS Catalina on same disk
  8. Any all solutions for it? Beta 2 it work but beta 3 don't work?
  9. i try all layouts with SMBIOS Macmini 6,1 and MBP9,2 but don't work, blackcreens all
  10. I don't understand what you mean means I have to replace layouts from 00 to 09 with the patch below I'm not very good at this patch because my English is very bad
  11. Thanks for replay, but black creen if user ig-platform-id laptop. i try change ig-platform-id to 0a006601 but not boot. idon't know why? my Clover.
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