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  1. Thanks for replay, but black creen if user ig-platform-id laptop. i try change ig-platform-id to 0a006601 but not boot. idon't know why? my Clover.
  2. i try no add inject intel and ig-layout-id with config-1 but not work, reboot now when choise boot i try config-2, boot slow but successful, as the picture attached config-1.zip config-2.zip
  3. AIO form China, idon’t no model, just dhp, main, itx_HM77
  4. not VGA, it use LVDS. My computer AIO, main ITX_HM77, i choise everything ig-platform-id but not word My config. You can't help me, sorry my english to bad, i'm form VietNam config.plist.zip
  5. Hi all, My system. main: Thin ITX Hm77 CPU: 3220M VGA: hd4000 1920x1080 Audio: Alc662 i try any config with ig-platform-id, but not boot to OS just add intelGFX: 0x12345678 to boot completed but not full VGA intel
  6. Nothing change, just logo Apple. i'm waiting 15' but not thing.
  7. I pressed f3 and displayed as shown, but I could not boot into any partition. Do you have a solution to this problem?
  8. Thanks Jake, I followed your instructions, I used a different OS and installed the Driver, but things didn't change. I still do not see the partition at boot anywhere.
  9. I searched on google but still don't understand what it is? Can you specify a little more?
  10. I update to 10.15.3 For the first time, use normally. But to the 2nd time, no where to see the boot partition. Thanks for help.
  11. Yes, i upgrade v5100 but same error It is true that I updated via Combo Update. When updating via System Preferences, it will reboot, it will only reboot a little longer but still the same
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