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  1. Thanks mate and sorry for the incoveniences I will try with nvidia web drivers
  2. Hello, I have a Dell Precision M6800 with two graphics card: - Intel HD 4600 - Nvidia K2200M With other models of Nvidia cards I had no problems. Osx detect perfectly, for example with a K3100M. But with this model, Osx High Sierra detect it as "Display" and I can't use my DisplayPort or HDMI for external displays. Thanks in advance. debug_21202.zip
  3. Hi, mates I'm trying to update High Sierra to the last version 10.13.6 but It's impossible. SMBIOS: Macbook pro 11.1 Clover version: 4910 (latest one) I verbose mode the laptop shows "kext stall[0], (240s): AppleACPICPU" (pic attached) Thanks in advance.
  4. @Bronxteck This is exactly what happens in my laptop DELL Precision M4800. How we edit info.plist?
  5. Great man!! It's working perfectly. Thanks.
  6. Hi guys. I have a DELL M4800 hackintosh almost perfect. I get the keys brigthness with BRT6 method and RehabMan 's VoodooPS2controller.kext but with that kext I lost the trackpad because it is ALPS. I found this ALPS VoodooPS2controller.kext that works perfectly with the trackpad but it doesn't work with the brigthness keys. When I push fn+UP interact with "brigthness UP" and "sound DOWN" at the same time. And fn+DOWN is going "brigthness UP" too. I need help!!!!
  7. Hello mates I'm on my own struggle with my M4800. I used the M6800_FIX_BRIGHTNESS bootpack of @Jake Lo. I did my own power management because I have an i7-4700MQ and SMBIOS definition. Working: - Wifi broadcom - Battery status - Nvidia Quadro K1100M (Internal & External DP/HDMI) (Disabled switchable graphics in BIOS) - Audio (internal & headphones) - USB 2.0 (ALL PORTS) || USB 3.0 (1 on the right) (Why this happens if all are 3.0?) - Trackpad (3 fingers movements) Doesn't work: - Bluetooth - Brightness bar & keys - Very slow boot Thanks for the help!! debug_17337.zip
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