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  1. One more issue I found this morning. I generated a new smbios but I can't log into the App store. Any suggestions? Edit: I take that back. After signing into an iCloud account in system preferences, I was then able to sign into the store.
  2. Do you know anywhere I can get the DW1560 quicker? Ebay only has them from China. After looking up what Handoff is, I have come to the conclusion that I don't need it. I have a Samsung Galaxy s10+ so it won't benefit me.
  3. Awesome! That fixed my sound and camera. Thank you! My dell service tag reports that I have an Intel Wifi adapter. If I get one of those you listed can I just install it and be good to go? Thanks for all you do! I see you everywhere in this forum!
  4. I have a Dell E5450 that I have installed Mojave on, but I can not get sound,wifi, or camera to work. The ethernet port works however. I am new at this and I am unsure of what other info is need for someone to help. I followed a guide by Jake. Thanks.
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