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  1. What I did is this. I use Clover installed + all your files and put two plists: yours and that one. So from that guy I use only his plist. Yours doesn't work. So the difference is only in config.plist. All other files are yours.
  2. I am using your files from post #11. Now I'll try with new config.plist. By the way on those working EFI files I tried to remove InjectIntel and it does not work. Also putting your ACPI to a working EFI also works.
  3. Jake, MBP14,1 had no effect. But while searching I have found a post of a guy with another version of this notebook where he wanted to disable his Geforce. And there he provided his Clover folder. I have tried his but had no luck. And then RehabMan has helped me. He said to add boot option "-cdfon" for WhateverGreen.kext. This option didn't help with your Clover but worked with his Clover folder. So I am very happy that iGPU acceleration started to work finally. I am adding my EFI folder here. Maybe you can understand what exactly allowed Intel graphics to work. But indeed I have noticed that with your EFI folder Geforce is disabled but here it is not. And I could not find what I must do to disable Geforce looking at your config.plist. Could you help me with that if you know? Also notebook can't sleep at all. And I don't have touchpad on this EFI but it worked with your files. If you could figure out how to update your EFI files to enable graphics I would prefer them because of touchpad and disabled Geforce. EFI.zip
  4. Understood, thanks for clarification. Anyway I have tried both ways, I have tried a lot of FakeIDs and platform_ids and nothing works: either that screenshot that I've shown or no acceleration. Do you have more ideas?
  5. I can boot with ig_platform_id=0x12345678 and Geforce is disabled.
  6. No signal, Jake. I have read that in this model HDMI is connected to Geforce.
  7. Hi, Bronxteck. Thank you for participation. I have just tried and the screen remains black after opening the lid. No text mode or anything at all. The PC continues to work. I hear sounds when I press Enter. Something is missing. ((
  8. Hi, I've tried this last zip. Looks like the driver has started and MacOS runs and makes sounds (I can hear password input sounds) but the text mode remains.
  9. There is an update on the situation. I had kernel panic and it turned out that in Clover command line I had nv_disable=1 and debug=100 without dashes. Anyway, when I added dashes I did not receive kernel panic but also I did not see any picture but I could hear sound coming and notebook reacting to key presses. Also I had this messages saying that GPU initialized and works. Now when in Mac OS I can still see 2 adapters and I can see that Intel 630 has only 32 MB of VRAM. Kext is not loaded. Ethernet works, sound works, touchpad works, Bluetooth even works, all USB ports work. Jake, could you instruct me what must be done in this situation? Thank you in advance.
  10. I had to set also *_platform_id to 0x12345678 and select InjectIntel in Clover to make it going. Only fakeID didn't work. It is a big progress for me. For now I'll make this change permanent in config.plist. Thank you very much, Jake!!! But could you direct me to how to resolve Intel GPU acceleration? I am afraid in 4K CPU will burn to death in software rendering.
  11. I have tried this config, but the output is almost the same. I have tried also to inject Intel with my ig_platform_id and I have seen a narrow strip of noise on the screen once. Looks like it tried to write to video memory but incorrectly. Do we have more options?
  12. Thank you for your reply. I followed the instructions and I see that it has moved forward a lot but then I am stuck at this screen. Something sound related but also the screen went completely black in a while. I have a 4K panel as a reminder. Do you have any ideas?
  13. Hello, kind Sir. I am not the guy above but I have exactly the same modification of this model: Dell inspiron 15 7577 i7-7700HQ, 512GB NVMe SSD, 16GB RAM, 4K UHD Display, Nvidia GTX-1060, Thunderbolt 3... I humbly ask for your help. I am going to install 10.13.6 or 10.14. Whatever possible. BIOS version is 1.6.1 Motherboard model is 0J8HMF. Ethernet is RTL8168/8111. Wireless is Intel 8265 but I have ordered DELL 1650 Broadcom so this should be solved. Touchpad: DEV0802&Col02. Thank you.
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