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  1. Hi... Finally installed High Sierra Using all your guidance & resources... Thank you guys... How to patch F11 & F12 keys for Brightness functions..! If you know any working method.. Pls suggest me...
  2. Can you please send EFI of working final version!
  3. Also thank you Jake Lo for the effort & support...
  4. Hi.. Friend I have the same model... Can you please send the final working EFI zip of working touchpad & disabled Nvidia GForce..! It will be helpful for me... Because I don't know deep about kext patching, ssdt dsdt exc... Thanks for the details above...
  5. Hi friends.. I need help installing High Sierra on 3521 Bios A11, i5-3337U, Intel HD 4000... Tell me what are all the details and files i have to upload..!
  6. Yes.. Config didn't make webcam working... But, After adding USBInjectAll.kext webcam worked... Thaks a lot.. Now the final issue is Display completely turned OFF in apple logo loading bar starts 1% to 50% approximately... After 50% display working.. Also Trackpad gestures are not working... Secondary Click, Tap to Click, Scroll only working... Other than that no issues...
  7. I have changed IOGraphicsFamily like you told.. Now I have apple logo without loading bar for 4 to 5 sec.. after that loading bar comes but immediately got black screen (no backlight at all) for upto 50% of loading bar... after that only display switched ON ... But i think the IOGraphics patch is for Graphics glitch... now the duration of glitch before login is decreased...
  8. Here is my ioreg with optimus enabled in BIOS... Now only i'm going to try IOGraphicsFamily patch.. ioreg with optimus enabled.zip
  9. I have already enabled that option... Graphics glitch also comes.. But i don't mind... But, My problem is.. Display Flickering approximately 2 to 3 times per second continuously while apple logo is loading...(display backlight is continuously switching brightness like on/off DJ light effect..) Upto half the way of apple loading bar.. After that it was normal and showing graphics glitch like you told... After that everything working.. Before your patches the webcam was worked... Now its gone... No camera detected erre in face time...
  10. I tried booting with your files... Brightness and Audio successfully working... But new problem is display is continuously FLICKERING from apple logo starting to 50% loading time... After 50% display working normally... I have tried disabling "Enable Trim for SSD" in kext and kernal patches.. This will cause No Display Out in 0% to 50% apple logo loading... After 50% display working normally...
  11. Here is my origin with switchable graphics enabled... With Switchable Graphics ACPI origin.zip
  12. Oh... Ok.. I will upload... Thanks guys for step by step guiding...
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