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  1. @Jake Lo I'm using it, but the gestures does not work. For exemple: Smart Zoom (Double touch on two fingers); Secondary Click; Page rollings (drag down with two fingers. It's i more feeling miss); I would Preference Panel Custom. And I would like know if is possible enable this bluetooth on AR9485.
  2. @Jake Lo I can fix this Panic Error: 1) Enter in recuper mode; 2) Mount EFI and delete kext with error 3) Copy my backup EFI 4) Restart; You know that is my Trackpad for accept the gestures touch, by example roll pages etc ?
  3. 154/5000 I did this, but it gave the kernel panic. Luckily I made a backup at the root of the disk. How do I restore EFI? I use the EFI Shell for the copy folder?
  4. @Jake Lo Okay, I run commands on the terminal and create a new log file in the attachment, but again freeze while restarting the mac. I updated the system to the new version: High Sierra 10.13.6 debug_3720.zip
  5. @Jake Lo I tried to use gen_debug according to the guidelines but it arrives at a point that it gives error, saying that I have to renitiar the mac and press FN + F2 or just F2 on the CLOVER screen. I did this, generated some files in the ACPI folder but it keeps talking to renitiar and pressi the command. So I am sending a report generated by RunMe. If anything is missing, please let me know. Send me Air-de-Douglas.zip
  6. @Jake Lo I think this works! Would like create new post for others items or i can use this ? * Don't hibernate; * While restart give errors; * Disabled Nvidia (930m) * Bluetooth;
  7. Hi, i have the Dell Inspiron 14R 5420 (I not know what is the serie, but I think is 4000), do install Hackintosh on High Sierra 10.13.4 and install kexts essentials. Now I need config the battery, brigthness. I try using ACPI Battery but don't work. EFI https://drive.google.com/open?id=1514VRpArC-n2rYSkO6yRmLN_3REKW15N backup AML.zip Extra.zip
  8. This kext VoodooPS2Controller (R6Bronxteck) this work, but gestures zoom in, zoom out don't work. (E5440). Have any update this kexts ?
  9. I'm sorry but I do not agree with you. I used as a base the own EFI folder of Olarias Mac OS 10.13.5, and added the kexts that were missing. I did not have 'luck', I worked hard to make all things work this project is constantly evolving. I'm adjusting some things in DSDT and checked some other details. And I honestly will not accept you coming and saying that my sweaty work sucks.
  10. I finished my hackintosh with exceptions, for example: VGA output does not work, and I was told that it has to do a 'gambiarra' (I think English would be something like jerry-rig); The fn keys are not yet running 100%; Gestures on the touchpad do not work (they recognize the touchpad but not the gestures). Also remember that I am using AR9485 for wireless. I am sending my repository to you. https://github.com/soejin/hackintosh-dell-e5440.git
  11. I can not initialize it. I have to make connect the HD with a windows system, and edit or delete all the kexts manually. Yes, our model has a nVidea 720m card and I'm using tag -nv_disabled = 1 to disable it. I'm going to use the kexts that come from Olarias and try to add one-by-one until I find out who is giving the problem. But I think the problem is with NullPower. i'm using 10.13.5 MacOS High Sierra.
  12. I'm problems too. Look my screens, maybe be equals.
  13. Hi, you update the archive with new files ? Other question: WakeUp and WakeDown are works ?
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