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  1. You are a genius! Really when you change to 40MHz speed is slower then if you switch to 20MHz 1) 40MHz 2) 20MHz
  2. This is test with your kext. It's funny, because I don't know why your results better then my But I am pleased that you are so imbued with my problem!
  3. You are right, I should have bought a DW1510 card, but not atheros.. This is 2 screenshots with my wi-fi routers and last with DHCP cable
  4. But on macOS Mojave AR5B93 doesn't support OOB. When I put vanilla Atheros kext from High Sierra my laptop has slow wireless speed. I live in house and I have 2 wi-fi routers with 2.4GHz, but when I turned off one of them(for testing minus one SSID) nothing changed
  5. Can anyone share kext with good speed on this wi-fi module AR5B93, because I changed channel width to 40MHz, set Auto channel, 11bgn Mode, enable WMM, tested Transmit Power (low, middle, high) in my wi-fi router TP-Link TL-WR841ND, but nothing to help p.s. I am using AirPortAtheros40.kext and my laptop has 20-30mbps speed with this wi-fi module (for comparison my phone Nexus 6P has 50-60mbps speed. and on Windows 10 with AR5B93 laptop has ~50mbps speed)
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