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  1. I used Clover from Works correct/better: sleep mode Intel® HD Graphics 620 but dont't see 930MX Clover show recovery partition No graphics lag Don't check: SD Card Not work/errors (new): Crash on connect HDMI and crash on boot Can't boot install on my EFI and kostas54 EFI (maybe i should remove EFI rom SSD)
  2. Spec PC: i5-8350U M.2 2280 DDR4 2400 MHz Intel® HD Graphics 620 + GeForce 930MX After install, I used multifail (multifail.mb.zip) and update Clover. I couldn't boot, so replaced EFI folder with EFI from boot pen and change SystemParameters in config. I also installed VoodooHDA (sounds works). Doesn't work: track point and buttons in track point buttons in touchpad on login screen can't select a user by the touchpad WiFi BT is on, but no device detected Clover doesn't show recovery partition PC doesn't go to sleep mode when close laptop + screen doesn't turn off when turn to sleep mode manually graphics lag (VRAM 7MB oO, is it normal?) the touchpad isn't recognized but gesture works (works like a mouse? probably) and second click doesn't not recognize battery state GeForce isn't recognized or I can't find it in system info sometimes boot stack and need restart/try again SD card second monitor on HDMI debug_25889.zip multifail.mb.zip
  3. Thanks for response :). Nope, it doesn't work. I managed to run the installations using the keyboard but still would be nice to fix this problem.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to install macOS 10.14.1 on Latitude 5590 and make the guide. So... 1. Configurate BIOS (v. 1.5.0) Attachments below; change something or it looks ok? 2. Create boot pen https://www.tonycrapx86.com/threads/unifail-install-macos-mojave-on-any-supported-intel-based-pc.259381/#uefi_settings I think that the last solution is the best for create bootable pen drive but need some changes to works with Dell. I mixed folders and can boot the installer. For beginners - mount EFI partition by Clover Configurator and overwrite folders with EFI.zip (Edit: 28.11.2018). 3. Config On installer touchpad (I2C HID and Alps Virtual HID) not work. I don't have a mouse, so is it possible for the touchpad and track pointer to work? I tried file from but 1. not work, 2. i haven't found how to fix it by file and code from the second page. Boot video - WiFi won't work because all Intel Wifi devices aren't supported . BIOS options
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