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  1. Hello, Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year to all! I want to improve the VMware video kext and be able to have more than 128 MB buffer size and make it to have some kind of software OpenGL acceleration and be metal compatible from software side. I 've never done something like this before, but i want to know if there is any possibility to do it in any way. I find this modified software openGL concept : https://github.com/TMRJIJ/OS-X-Yosemite-on-Unsupported-Macs/tree/master/http And I plan to update the official vmware existing kexts. I believe that this will be interesting an usefull project. If the project will be possible to implement, I will need guidance to know how to start. Any tips will be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Great! Thank you! You can mark this post as solved!
  3. Ok ! I completely understand. Sorry for this , but I have to reply as I promise.
  4. The issue with noise is eliminated to the minimum amount! I use the first 2018 version of the BatteryAcpi kext from rehabman, the latest 2018 kext for usb injection from rehabman, and the modified sound kext for the e5520 that is included in the guide. So the noise was from sound card!
  5. Hello, I wonder if there is any kext needed for Dell e5520 to make the sd card reader work. Must I modify something in the clover as well ? Also to uninstall some kext that not work for it I just go and drag it to trash? PS. I have the O2 micron card reader in this Dell ...
  6. Thank you! This help me a lot and fix the issues! You can mark this post as solved!
  7. Great! This fix the issue, going with the first 2018 versions ( second latest 2018 version not show the charging icon). Can I also install the latest USB kext (I don't know if it is the rehabman inject all version will work) and also the latest trackpad kext from Rehabman or this need modification?
  8. Hello, I have some crashes in the Activity Monitor when I select the Energy Tab. I read in a previous post here in the forums that this affected by an ACPI Battery Kext. Can I use Rehabman Kext for this or must I compile my own kext for the E5520? Can I remove the energy tab from Activity Monitor? What is change from the old and new kext... is it something important, that can cause instability?
  9. Yes! I completely understand it now! I plan to leave it as is because it is Quite stable now! I enjoy it! it is way faster than most of my low end macs!!! Thanks for all this great work Guys!!! (You can mark this post as solved!)
  10. Happy Christmas! Thanks for your continue support on this topic! Thanks to all that contribute to make the installation package possible! I have made a lot of tests test days and I conclude the following: 0) A (regulator noise?)Strong noise raise for some mili-seconds while booting and then disappear while booting, and the rest of mixed noise is appear especially while have disk, USB IO Operations and while charging. A) Using Power adapter, the noise is in lower volume and appear only while have disk, USB IO Operations. b) Using battery the noise is little bit more ( while laptop charging) but, it is acceptable as I state in the previews posts. C) I run a Linux OS on the same machine and laptop do similar noise while have disk, USB IO Operations but in lower volume. D) In windows 10 laptop also do this noise, but it is in lower minimal amount. I must make this test earlier, this is my fault. From the above, it seems that the laptop in in good state, but I have two more questions before we close the post: Can this Laptop Support OSX Mojave using similar procedure as Dosdude patch? I can afford this noise, but can this noise make serious damage (for that mili-seconds that I hear the strong noise)?
  11. Ok I fix up the comment and Yes I understand your point I brake my hackintosh once again from some posts there so not again. I will install the codecCommander kext and check again! Thanks for clarify!
  12. I might have high pitch noise come from voltage regulators (update: this is not completely true , the sound is more commonly to come from speakers). I don't know how to start to fix the issue. If anyone knows anything about this issue , please let me know. Thanks in advance!
  13. The guide is working in my e5520. I have high pitch noise that might come from voltage regulators (update: this is not completely true , the sound is more commonly to come from speakers). I plan to fix the problem and post back!
  14. Also in my setup both brightness and sound control do not always remember the last value, so need to set again after reboot as well! I use Sierra .4 version and I have this high pitch noise especially when i run on battery, but no kernel panic at the moment. Just this high pitch when i run on battery it is not so hard i can afford it, but i am afraid for any damage in hardware level. I can make more tests if it is required and post back here. I use the configuration from the tutorial here in osx latitude and i update only the sound driver from the files below the tutorial, but it does not fix the hi pitch. I will try this laptop with Linux to test if makes this sound and i will post back.
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