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  1. To Jake Lo below I wasn't talking boot disks here, just data disks. My data disks with HSF+ work fine. But I can't reply anymore cuz the thread is already moved to the archive... /dev/disk5 (external, virtual): #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: Apple_HFS Data +499.4 GB disk5 Logical Volume on disk4s2 UUID-snipped Unlocked Encrypted
  2. Sorry, I thought I already updated my signature to include them. Fixed it now
  3. No longer relevant as I bought a new cpu which should sort this issue out.
  4. Thanks! The card comes with some pig tails so that should be ok. Don't care much for Bluetooth, that will work with the DW380 card, only use it for keyboard and mouse not airdrop etc. So I should be good. Not being on ac is really noticeable compared to my other laptops.
  5. Seems the "cheapest" way to get decent bluetooth/ac-wireless combo in macOS is the DW1820A, all the other costs like 2-3 times as much. But does it work in those M.2 NGFF adapters? Has anyone tried? The adapter + DW1820A are under 15 euro in total, a good deal if it works.
  6. Buy one that one of the forum mods and admins personally own, that way you can be sure the guides and bootpacks work without you having to do too much work I picked up a pair of E6330 but only because I could get them for around 75 euro a piece. They work great but need al little more work to get everything going, which the mods/admins have helped me achieve but don't expect them to do the work for you.
  7. The Drop OEM option seems to have sorted the brightness. No idea how I ended up with 2 NVRAM drivers haha. I removed one of them. On top of that hot-plugging e-sata now works again too. I would've never figured out to patch AppleAHCIPort to fix that, I wouldn't even know where to begin. Thank you so much The side switch is not an issue really. Was trying to get every single component to work in macOS. I had to disable the external drive icon fix cuz it would show a network mounted icon instead of external disk icon. Now it shows the normal removable disk icon for caddy/e-sata instead of the internal icon but thats not a big deal. Both cosmetic and I prefer this over the network mount icon Thanks again! PS: totally unrelated but could it be Cloudflare thats messing up the forums javascript somewhere that prevents me from removing old attachments? I tried different browsers and platforms, even tried over mobile data without any ad-blockers and still can't remove attachments somehow.
  8. Try declaring it as external. On my Dell if I declare the Bluetooth as internal it stops working.
  9. My E6330 is near perfect apart from some minor niggles. Would love to get some input in how to fix them. - Brightness is somehow not remembered (seems to reset itself on boot somewhere). - E-sata and optical bay hot plug isn't working properly. Ejecting works ok but sometimes it hangs when rebooting after ejecting, connecting them to a running system doesn't work at all. This worked on my Mojave install but I can't seem to track down what it is that made it work there. - Side switch doesn't turn wifi and bluetooth off. It disconnects both but leaves the devices themselves on. When enabling them again with the switch only bluetooth devices get connected automatically. I have to connect to the wifi again manually. Turning either or both on/off manually works as expected. Thats pretty much it! I'm attaching the debug logs. Any other improvements, fixes or efficiency gain that I could apply are also very welcomed. I'm striving for the best possible setup Thank you! FWIW my dsdt has the following patches applied: - Fix _WAK Arg0 v2 - HPET Fix - SMBUS Fix - IRQ Fix - RTC Fix - OS Check Fixes - Fix Mutex with non-zero SyncLevel - 7-series/8-series USB - Brightness fix HD3000/HD4000 debug_15508.zip
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