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  1. Spend a few hours trying to remove my unused connectors. Managed to remove one from the list but I can't seem to remove one of the 2 dp ports. There's always 2 ports showing when running ioreg -l | grep "class AppleIntelFramebuffer". I tried setting the portcount to 0100000 which results in none of the dp ports working but the system boots fine. I can login with vnc. I've tried following along the guide here but those patches also still leave me 2 active ports. I've also tried a plethora of Hackintool generated Device-Properties and KextToPatch patches with the same results. Is it actually possible to disable one of the two dp ports? Before spending money on a new i5 cpu with hd4600 I would really like to make sure this can't be solved or the issue is somewhere else. It would be a shame if another cpu will result in the same freezes... I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, my head is spinning from the hex editor and I feel defeated for the first time hackintoshing Small update: Tried setting the DVMT pre-alloc to 64mb in an uefi shell. It was set to 0x01 (32mb) by default. The system boots when changed to 64mb but nothing in the frame buffers changes and manually adding cursormem of 9mb causes a panic on boot. Setting the pre-alloc to 92mb results in a panic with and without cursormem set. I don't how to verify if changing it to 64mb actually did anything This is inside the A18 bios file, suggests it can go up to 1gb? I'm so confused right now lol. Any other suggestions for me to try or should I just go ahead and buy an i5 with a nativity supported hd4600 and get it over with?
  2. Decided to start from scratch with an empty clover config and patched DSDT accordingly. Things are a lot smoother and sleep works as well and this time the display wakes up too Unfortunately I still get these weird freezes which sometimes lead to the beachball showing for a second or so. I really have no idea where to look next. I tried different ram sticks, different ssd's but I don't think this is hardware related. I tried to disable the ports that are not being used (all of them except one dp port) but I don't know if they're applied. I generated KextToPatch with Hackintool with all of them set to -1 and 0x00 but when I run Hackintool it doesn't show the new ports layout. I also get a kernel panic (the Azul kext) when hot plugging the dp cable with the connector patch enabled. Starting from scratch and patching DSDT is something I should've done from the start instead of using what I used. This is much cleaner and if the i3 related hiccups can't be cured once the connecters are disabled properly I'll just pick an i5 somewhere. I'm not sure if they're disabled now and the panic on hot plugging the one port I do use is not proper of course Here's my current EFI, which on paper should work fine when used with an i5/i7 on a 7020 Optiplex with A18 bios. Not sure if anyone else here has this box to try it out but maybe it can help someone on their way. Thanks for all the help so far. EFI.zip ioreg.zip
  3. Thanks! I'll check it out and see if there's anything missing or could be better. After watching Intel power gadget for a while it does sometimes change the cpu clocks under 3.6GHz but very rarely. Despite the cpu usage being very low it runs at the high speed a lot. But that shouldn't cause anything other than more heat.
  4. Intel power management looks good to me. Temperatures are between 35-45 when browsing/playing music etc. It does look like the core freq remains at 3.6GHz at all times, but I'm not sure if I read the power gadget correctly and that it should change realtime depending on current clock speed. I generated the ssdt using this script. It's connected using DP to DP. Maybe I need to use Hackintool to sort those ports out? I was also reading it might need some kind of patch to increase DVMT allocation. It is 32mb now and it should be 64mb if I understand correctly. I've never had the need to Framebuffer patch from scratch but maybe this a good time to try it and maybe learn something new
  5. I've attached IOReg, hopefully I saved it correctly. 7020-ioreg.ioreg
  6. Sorry, I thought I already updated my signature to include them. Fixed it now
  7. Another day another build. Got my hands on an old Optiplex 7020. Everything works as expected apart from the display not waking up after sleep (which is a known WEG related issue) and the worst niggle; intermittent freezes and beachballs. They happen rarely and seemingly random. Like when opening disks or apps things just freeze up for a bit and sometimes showing a beachball for a second or two before resuming things as normal. But I can spend hours using the machine normally and everything is smooth and lovely without any freezes. Is it because I have HD4400 graphics? If that's the case then the only options I have are to replace the CPU or put an external graphics card. None of which are really an option at this moment. I tried finding others with a HD4400 and/or these freezes but couldn't find anything similar so maybe it is caused somewhere else? I've attached my EFI folder and I'm willing to try anything and do reinstalls too. No problem. I'm stuck at home and have time to play around and it would be great if this weird freezing can be fixed as I vastly prefer macOS over other operating systems (where this freezing does not happen. the h/w should be capable to run macOS smooth all the time). I've tried different ram sticks, ram slots, drives and bios settings but nothing seems to sort these weird freezes out. I don't have another cpu for this socket that the HD4600 or an external graphics card supported by macOS. I hope maybe someone in here -- where things are very Dell centric -- has ran into these odd freezes before and knows what's causing them. Thanks a lot for reading and if I need to provide any logs or other things let me know and I gladly provide it. I'm going to be trying Mojave as well so make sure it's not Catalina related. Any pointers or ideas are welcomed! EFI.zip
  8. Thanks! The card comes with some pig tails so that should be ok. Don't care much for Bluetooth, that will work with the DW380 card, only use it for keyboard and mouse not airdrop etc. So I should be good. Not being on ac is really noticeable compared to my other laptops.
  9. Seems the "cheapest" way to get decent bluetooth/ac-wireless combo in macOS is the DW1820A, all the other costs like 2-3 times as much. But does it work in those M.2 NGFF adapters? Has anyone tried? The adapter + DW1820A are under 15 euro in total, a good deal if it works.
  10. Just installed macOS Catalina 10.15.4 developer beta 2 (19E234g) beta 3 (19E242d) without any issues. Updating to any future 10.15.x releases should also be ok. The only thing not working correctly as far as I can tell is the VRAM size. Most likely AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext has changed so the hex values need updating. Would be nice if we can set the VRAM size with a Lilu/WhateverGreen flag. It did indeed change, to set 512MB VRAM in 10.15.3 I had this: 00000060 10070000 10070000 00000000 -> 00000020 10070000 10070000 00000000 10.15.4 beta 2 needs: 01020402 00000004 00000001 00000060 -> 01020402 00000004 00000001 00000020 Easy to generate a new hex kext patch if it changes again with Hackintool, sure makes life a lot easier. Update: Can't recommenced using the beta's yet. Got some random freezes and panics even when the laptop is idle. Smooth sailing back on 10.15.3.
  11. Ohh thats another good option to try, but then I have to move back to FakeSMC, regain some sensors but get worse/bad FileVault2 support right? The guides on this all say to use VirtualSMC for FileVault2. But I might try it and see how it goes. I quite like having all the sensors and stuff available even though it doesn't really matter of course.
  12. Thanks for the info. I did some testing and older versions either exhibit the same issue or they cause a panic on boot. I don't think this will be fixed any time soon as FakeSMC is not under active development anymore so I've switched to VirtualSMC again. There the power source detection works and I don't get battery warnings but the percentage updates a lot slower than the actual drain, but that's easy to fix with coconut battery, which seem most accurate apart from the temperatures Will do more testing. Somehow using those boot flags disabled the wifi led on the laptop Hopefully the VirtualSMC people will sort out the sensor stuff but I don't think Ivy Bridge platforms have much priority so I won't expect too much. Apart form this battery and sensors (missing fan rpm and cpu stuff) everything is pretty much perfect now. Haven't had a touchpad glitch in a while but I remember the same glitches happening on all Dells running VoodooPS2Controller-R6Bronxteck, its rare enough not to go and try other PS2 stuff as everything works so nicely with this kext. Funny that I now have 3 different percentages depending on the app used lol.
  13. Ran into another weird bug, and silly I didn't notice it before. The battery indicator doesn't respond to being plugged in or out. It's always showing the power source as it was at boot. I have no idea how this happened or how to fix it. (Not sure if related but I did try VirtualSMC and OpenCore but erased nvram and even tried resetting ec (remove battery and power and press power 30 seconds according to Dell forums). But it didn't sort it out. VirtualSMC ran ok but weird touchpad/keyboard glitches it seemed to cause and the lack of sensors made it not ready to replace FakeSMC yet. OpenCore looks promising but it requires a lot of work and it didn't work as smooth as Clover for me for now.) I'm at a loss how this happened and how to fix it and its just my machines. I even did a clean install and reset the bios and patched DSDT again with a fresh dump. I hope be something really simple or silly I'm overlooking. Hope someone can shine a light on the cause. Thank you!
  14. V1: Initial pack, testing only. V2: Initial 'release' had some silly errors. V3: Fixed USBPorts.kext and removed my ACPI dump. V4: Added sd card reader support and options to select VRAM size. V5: Added fixes received here. Brightness fixed and added hot plug e-sata/caddy support. V6: FileVault2 drivers added and tested, and switched to VirtualSMC. V7: Had some issues with sleep, USB3_PRW 0x0D dsdt patch fixed it. V8: Fixed sleep not working with a drive present in media bay/drive caddy. Clover + kexts updated. E6330-Catalina-Bootpack-V8.zip Mojave-IO80211Family-kexts.zip
  15. Buy one that one of the forum mods and admins personally own, that way you can be sure the guides and bootpacks work without you having to do too much work I picked up a pair of E6330 but only because I could get them for around 75 euro a piece. They work great but need al little more work to get everything going, which the mods/admins have helped me achieve but don't expect them to do the work for you.
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