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  1. @Hervé at least in my case, Both e5450 are Using the i5 5300u and cpufriend+cpufrienddataprovider.
  2. It seems like you found my thread about the e5450. Please follow the instructions there. you need controllermate and controllermateconfigimport. I heard of this problem from another e5450 non-Touch. It’s using the same OpenCore like mine, but when it starts he Display is black and it has to sleep first before the display is bright. youre using clover I assume? Maybe @Jake Lo knows what’s the problem, because I never experienced this problem with my e5450, but with another e5450 non-Touch as said.
  3. But thanks anyway for your help, but it seems like nobody can help me further. Have a nice day
  4. Yes I already tried it in different combinations, it it just not working... I don't know either what's the reason.
  5. I've recreated the subparts.kext and ssd-uiac.aml but it is not working. I declared Touchscreen as INTERNAL in Hackintool, but it won't work. Archive.zip
  6. Doesn't seem as it's showing up. Just the Webcam and I think the bluetooth. And USB 3 Hub. I'll recreate usbports.
  7. I tried to patch the Touchscreen but I hasn't worked. I already removed it but no difference, the zip is 1-2 days old. CLOVER e5450.zip
  8. Hello, I managed to install Catalina without problems, notebook is working great. But after the update from MJ to Catalina, the Touchscreen stopped working. How can it be fixed? The efi is too big for osxlatitude, here is the drive LINK. thanks in advance
  9. This error is not so important for me.. I recognized that the CPU is running in idle at 1,3ghz and the gfx at 0,6ghz. I think this is way too much but could you help me with that? I think it has to do with a ssdt...
  10. Okay I will try. These kexts are friendly. I've done a clean install of Mojave and the error occured, and I installed it a second time on a bigger ssd with time machine backup. Daspi is for drive , but I can delete it Haxm is for Android studio Ftdi and silabs and usbserial is for an ftdi adaptor.
  11. I tried it but gen_debug failure. When i do gen_debug oder gen_debug -u in Terminal it says command not found.
  12. Thank you it works with the touchscreen. But everytime i boot up it says 'not shut down properly'... And the Brightness keys are not working. And the tocupad is not recognized as a trackpad in settings.
  13. I installed it and it works good. But every time i boot up it says sth like not shut down properly. I looked in my spindump for a shutdown error but there's nothing. And the touchscreen is not working.
  14. Now I put the HFSPlus-64.efi in and came to the install.... maybe it works.
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