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  1. Yes, the the pick was taken at the point where it stopped. Thanks for the advice. I will check the config.plist file I was using. I remember reading elsewhere about the platform id setting and using the value you stated. I think I'll just compare my config to yours and see if there are any huge differences.
  2. Semaj, Thank you for this guide. I've been having problems trying to install Mojave on a E6330 for some time now. I used the efi folder you posted and was able to install os onto the hdd. On my previous attempts, I couldn't even get to the os install screen. For my own education, could you or anyone else tell me what I was doing wrong? I've attached a screenshot of boot verbose and the EFI folder with the output of F2/F4 in the clover folder. Any help would be appreciated. EFI.zip