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  1. hi @Jake Lo, I came back with a happy news, I successfully install Mojave 10.14.3 on my laptop. That old issue was resolved. Before I install Mac, my laptop was broken and I brang it to a store. They flash a corrupt bios on my laptop and the intel Me region is missing. So Mac OS random lost QE/CI. I research and reflashed bios with a clear ME region myself ( it is a long story). And now, my laptop worked fine,( I'm typing by it very happy) . Again, thank you for your help.
  2. Thank you for your help. I will try another ways :))
  3. Here is my debug file. I'm newbie so I do it too slow. Sorry debug_4517.zip
  4. @Jake Lo After rebuild kext cache and reboot GPU still lost QE/CI. My gpu is HD4000 and low res. My new origin is attached below. Please help me origin.zip
  5. @Jake Lo I tried your patched. it work fine. But I have a new problem. After serveral times reboot the GPU lost QE/CI. I'm trying to re-install MacOS and testing. Thank you so much. if it still have problem, hope you can support for me.
  6. thank you for your help. In my country, I 'm doing job so, i will try and reply as soon as possible. Please get in touch. Hope you have a nice day. ps: this website had problem with account manager system. I cann't login with password. I must reset password to login but my account will be locked after several times.
  7. thank for your fast repond :). here is my origin file. origin.zip
  8. I am facing with same problem of pablx307 when apply your boot pack on e6430. I tried to generate SSDT.aml flow guide but it still sleep after boot. Could you give me a way or another boot pack. Thank you very much
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