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  1. Thanks @Jake Lo Ive been using v3 of the bundle for months. Only upgraded to get the brightness key patch I wasn’t able to complete myself. Went back to v3 all works fine (except my big monitor res of course). Shouldn’t v7 be a drop in same as previous versions?
  2. I wiped the clover folder this am, clean install of clover and version 7, having issues with graphic (menu isn't clear so I don't think metal is working). Attached - ran really slow too? 2019Sept21-freshInstallV7postboot.zip
  3. These are all attempts to use the original documentation. I can remove all that and it won't matter. This one is part of the original bundle.
  4. @MatiWaldi Personally only have the tint issue on HDMI with a TV. For the screen res, I've tried changing EID manually, I've tried hackintool. I still cannot get the machine to respect the aspect of my monitor. HDMI or USBC, doesn't matter. I pulled the info from windows, which of course goes full screen perfectly. I'm also now getting a dump if I leave it overnight, so I reboot daily. When it comes back from sleep the USB Dell dock's NIC is DOA and reseating doesn't work, just a reboot. @Hervé maybe you can look at it? Am i changing the EDID correctly? I attached clover, monitor info and the dump file for your inspection. This screen is immediately after my AM boot, as this is my daily driver. CLOVER.zip Model is correct, specs are ignored. Ram tune is correct. Profile matches. From Windows Injected data eficheck.dump.zip monitorInfo.zip
  5. ...and thanks for the note. It's summer, been busy. Would love to figure this out and happy to share logs, data, etc.
  6. @muttonhead411 the video issue I have is I'm using a USB-C hub from lenovo, and that goes via DP to my monitor. Of course when booting windows I get full resolution. When booted to macos the highest res I can get is 1920*1080. this is a 4k monitor. Note the screen below - I've got plenty of memory, no amount of tuning has mattered. I've tried various utilities (switch res) etc. This is a WQHD+ 3840 x 1600 monitor.
  7. Hi all. I've been using the machine daily for a couple weeks, traveled with it. Fantastic. Even has decent battery life. I need to fix the display brightness buttons, but that's it functionally. Still have the issue of the large monitor however. I've tried the hotpatches etc from the various sites. Any ideas on how to get my high res running? Thanks, JM
  8. I didn’t experience the WiFi slowdowns. Maybe it’s random with that card. Anyone have time to look at a 4K monitor issue? @Hervé this has been my daily driver for two weeks. It’s going well.
  9. Small update: Re: bluetooth with my "almost-recommended card" is working fine. I only use a BT mouse, not mobile hotspot. DW1820A WLAN Wifi Wireless Mini Card Module 8PKF4 Re: camera, decided to start working on its own. Initially not detected by zoom or Webex, but after I received an incoming FaceTime call it unexpectedly has been working fine. I wonder if I had to start FT and assign a camera for the rest of the apps to work properly?
  10. IOReg file. @Hervé perhaps you could diff this against yours so I can see if I've got a different version of camera. Pls thanks. 7490.zip
  11. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIAGUZ8SC2488 I purchased this one, not realizing the Model matters. Wifi works OOB, BT no. It's got a nice "genuine" hologram sticker covering part of the info on the front so I know it's genuine. /grin . Using a BT dongle for now. Haven't had time to look at the BT. @Hervé the time spent last week was worth it, running well. Not hot (but warmer then windows, I run fusion and a bunch of other stuff) and I need to figure out the key maps for the brightness. FN lock, Audio, sleep FN keys work. Presenting has been fine too. Need to test HDMI on a TV, lower quality monitors. Yesteday in a presentation the screen was perfect but purple toned. Also the camera isn't working but IO reg sees it.
  12. Ahh... got it. Don't apologize, you're doing work few can accomplish! Anyone have an opinion if you were to buy a new Dell today for daily driver and no limitations which would you pick? Don't see a thread on that. Also, please verify the shasum matches your expected pack. 9831a9fcc12bb07d676c402147e2e37786ca3b0a Clover_Pack_7490__5.zip I deleted the files form EFI entirely and placed yours there. Same result, no trackpad at installer.
  13. Not being obtuse... I dd my usb and am seeing the same thing as @muttonhead411 no trackpad at all. This is my USB.
  14. @muttonhead411 does you keyboard light up when you touch the pad? this is what mine did prior to adding the Kext to /L/E
  15. Thanks @Hervé I did use #4. The TP didn’t work until I copied the next to /L/E I formatted the drive - any chance I missed a partition or something?
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