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  1. I'm having soms serious issues with my bios... it hangs when i acces the USB folder tot add the boot option. Ever seen that before?
  2. thanks! i'm gonna try that again.
  3. I am using clover foto legacy. I used tour bootpack from the first post. Got the same error. Is this because i use legace?
  4. okay i'm going to try that! thanks for your quick reaction! Can i use chameleon for mojave? I have some problems with uefi on this laptop. It won't boot from the usb stick, or clover starts but i can't see the mojave installer in the bootloader [EDIT] Just found out that legacy is also possible (forgot about that sorry)
  5. Hi guys, I tried to start the installation of mojave on my latitude e6420. I have yosemite running smooth on this machine now. But i would like to make a fresh install with mojave but i can't even boot the installer usb. I have been searching on this forum but i couldn't get to the installation. I'm always stuck on "still waiting for root device". I know it might be a USB issue but i can't find a right solution. Could one of you guys point me in the right way? Thanks. I was using a hackintosh zone image (niresh mojave).