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  1. @Jake Lo - Ok, got it, thanks. Thanks too for trying to help again and again. I think in the interests of not wasting any of yours or Hervé's time I have to abandon all hope here with this thing. Can't afford another NVMe disk. Installing onto an external USB keeps failing again and again. This thing has beaten me. I'm done.
  2. Thanks @Hervé. What does that mean? What would I need to do to avoid getting this again?
  3. @Jake Lo Thanks for that. So what was that config patch that you so kindly provided meant to change? I tried installing onto an external USB drive, but it didn't work. It would get to the second restart during the installation process and I'd get a corrupted screen with a big O with a cross through it.
  4. @Jake Lo - First off, you never ever need to apologise to me for anything, pal. You guys who take hours of your own time to help occasional Hackintoshers like me are heroes, maybe not as great a hero as a person working in the medical industry right now, but certainly selfless and gracious in your allocation of time to help us all out. Thank you a million times. Secondly, I was trying to put Catalina on that drive the last few tests, but thanks for the Mojave patch as well. I'd prefer to go with Mojave if possible. I'm a little confused as to what it was supposed to achieve, though. Are you saying that this patch is going to make one of those two problematic NVMe drives work? Is there anything I could possibly do to help you make that happen? It was by the shearest of coincidences that I managed to get the second one sent to me, and it's not going to happen again, so I was planning on going down the road of trying to put Linux on this thing and then run a emulated machine and somehow diverting the Intel GPU to the VM. I've seen some people have success with that on desktops, but am fully aware of people being warned off trying to do it with laptops. The situation is that my 15" mid-2014 MBP Retina is starting to die and I need better performance from a more modern CPU and GPU, so my employer told me that they'd be happy to supply me with a high-spec Dell one, and that I could hack it, but not spend any more of the company's money to do that. I looked up the 3400 and saw that it had some decent specifications, and that some people had some success with Hackintoshing it, so told them to go ahead, but it turned up with a different wifi card, and this incompatible Samsung NVMe drive. I thought the drive was faulty so Dell sent out a replacement, which also proved to be incompatible. If there was some way to adjust the bootloader so that it could improve the chances of compatibility without the need to buy another NVMe drive, I'd like to try, and in turn help anyone else who had lucked into these drives like I did...
  5. @Jake Lo - For what it's worth, and to help others, you can certainly add the Micron 2200s NVMe 1024GB (22001030) drive to the list of incompatible ones.
  6. @Jake Lo - I disabled the internal NVMe drive and it went through. I then put the Samsung PM981 back in and strangely enough was able to format it and start the install, but it kept freezing. It's not what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to know. A rather cruel way to find out I got two incompatible drives in a row. I've lost nearly a week to this thing. I'll see about getting yet another drive. I need a 1TB one. I quickly googled the ones you've listed and it looks like the first one is only 256GB, and I can't see any stockists showing the SN720 available in a 1TB configuration from what I can tell...
  7. @Jake Lo - Thanks so very much for that. Unfortunately, it hasn't helped. I've already replaced the Samsung NVMe drive with one from Micron. If you're now saying that both of them are not compatible, then I'm not sure what to do from here. Thing is that I'm not even getting to the stage where I format the drive, much less write to it. Why would a drive incompatibility be stopping the bootloader from running at all and bringing me to the Mac OS installer/utilities screens?
  8. Hi @Jake Lo. Took another video at a higher frame rate - https://www.dropbox.com/s/x3697eb8h1h9cou/IMG_3408_edit.mp4?dl=0 Please have a look and let me know if you see anything useful in this one... Thx again and again... MJJ
  9. @Jake Lo - Everything I've read on this site and others all point to running a script in Terminal. My system doesn't even get that far so I'm not really sure how to capture the logs. Any help with this would be very much appreciated! Thx.
  10. @Jake Lo - My apologies, but I don't know what a KP log file is (kernal panic log file?) or how to retrieve one. I googled it and one post said that a Hackintosh system doesn't support this. A photo of the last screen is attached, but there's a video I took last night which shows the verbose output of the screen during the boot attempt in a post I put up 9 hours ago... Can you please point me to some instructions on how to retrieve the logs you need to see?
  11. @JmW - Thank-you! @Jake Lo - Thanks to you too. I used JmW's EFI folder, put in known good serials and entered those boot arguments. It is still bombing out with - ** In Memory Panic Stackshot Suceeded ** Bytes Traced 266688 ** The number after bytes traced changes each time.
  12. I've replaced the Samsung with a MicronNVMe SSD, but I can't seem to even get to formatting the drive any more. I'm now getting the "In Memory Panic Stackshot" error. I've tried upgrading Clover to r5107 from 2.5_r5103, Apto Memory Fix, one of the other Apto memory fixes, but it's just restarting with that error every time. I've tried Mojave, Catalina, 15,1, 15,2, 15,3. I'm at a loss here. I have taken a video of the boot up (https://www.dropbox.com/s/clywn5b56766dir/IMG_3406.MOV?dl=0). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi @JmW. Could you please share your EFI folder again? I've just got myself a new NVMe drive, but am still having a lot of trouble. Thanks in advance! MJJ
  14. This Latitude 3400 keeps restarting when I try to format the internal hard disk, which is a 1TB Samsung PM981 NVMe. Windows and Linux both format and install on it fine. Any ideas as to why this might be happening? Anyone seen this sort of thing before?
  15. Found another person who managed to have success with the same Whiskey Lake Core i7-8565U CPU and Intel UHD620 as my E3400 on another site (see EFI attached) and this one seems to go a lot further without hanging, but I get the dreaded white circle with the line through it when the progress bar gets to about 75%. This was a Dell Inspiron 7580, however. EFI 2.zip
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