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  1. Hi @MrJonesIII EFI of working Catalina. EFI_Working.zip
  2. Hi @Jake Lo could you please help me running iMessage and FaceTime. It isn't working.
  3. @Jake Lo Thank You so much!! It worked! I changed the layout id to 15. Thanks again for the ultimate support! I'll upload my final clover efi.
  4. Hi @Jake Lo Thank you for the reply, I changed the layout id from 13 to 77, it didn't worked out. Also, speaker output is gone now, no output device is present in the sound setting. Please help.
  5. Hi @Jake Lo Thank you for the reply, I opened my config.plist and by default 'no' was selected in the devices-> audio -> inject. I entered the value you mentioned but didn't worked. I also selected detect but it didn't worked out as well. Please help.
  6. Hi @Hervé, thank you for the help, I tried the kext you mentioned however it didn't worked out. I hear a voice when headphone is inserted in the jack but then no sound output. Please help. Settings show headphones as output but no sound. Also, when I click on speaker icon, it only shows one sound bar.
  7. I updated some of the kexts to see if I can fix this issue. Steps I followed were: 1. Made bootable Flash Drive using Catalina installer which I downloaded from the App Store on my VMWare running Mojave. 2. Installed the latest Clover (v2.5k R5103) on that Flash Drive and checked all drivers that you mentioned in your macOS Catalina installation guide. 3. Deleted the existing ACPI, Kexts and Config.plist folders in the EFI partition and replaced them with the files you provided above. 4. Booted from this Flash drive without adding any extra flags, that is when I got this error. Please let me know if I did something wrong here. Also, please clarify if I need to MERGE or REPLACE the files you provided in the EFI folder.
  8. @Dell Dude Hey! Could you please share your clover efi please! I really want to make hackintosh in my lattitude 3400.
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