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  1. Sure DigitalBoy. See attached. Hope this helps you. Mo EFI.zip
  2. I have no idea but he was very happy to assist. Working, but only loads the control HDAtext one in three boots. I'm happy. And he's a genius. Now need to sort the buttons with my touch pad. Mo
  3. Hi Chaps Still running Voodoo at the present time on the Precision 7530. I've got Mirone taking a look re his AppleHDA patcher. Cross fingers.
  4. I don't see anything either Jake. Note there's a new AppleALC out five days ago. Sure someone will pick it up shortly. Thanks; appreciate your input. Mo
  5. @InsanelyDeepak codec_dump.txt.zipI've got a new one I believe. Detected ALC289 but some sort of crazy in the Dell Specs: ALC3281 https://topics-cdn.dell.com/pdf/precision-15-7530-laptop_specifications_en-us.pdf Codec_Dump attached from Mint. Any suggestions? Plays via VoodooHDA but headphone socket sounds overdriven and isn't auto select. Thanks Mo codec_dump.txt.zip debug_27519.zip
  6. Jake Lo. Thanks for the reply. Good to know I'm not going mad then. I've done the best I can to this point. I'll follow up as suggested. The I2C is running in polling mode rather than via interrupt. Mo
  7. Hi Folks Been having some success with my new Precision 7530 Laptop. https://topics-cdn.dell.com/pdf/precision-15-7530-laptop_specifications_en-us.pdf Issues still to resolve: Realtec : 10ec 5260 Card Reader (attempted to use Sinetek Kext and edited plist but no success) ALC3281 (reported as ALC289 as a Codec dump): Working with VoodooHDA but issues with headphones Biggest issue. Touchpad. Using VoodooI2C I have the touchpad working with gestures but no trackpad buttons working. Anyone have any thoughts / suggestions? Happy to share as required. Thanks Mo
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