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  1. I'm getting this with recent builds of Clover; it looks like there were various changes. I've attached my current bootpack for the e7480. I'm wondering what might need to be done to make this work with the newer Clover versions. CLOVER.zip
  2. I wondered whether it was possible to install some form of macOS on this machine. It has a Xeon X5690 in place of the original CPU, and an nVidia 750 card (which GPU-Z claims is fake - the card was picked up on eBay). 24 GB RAM, with the latest available BIOS from Dell (hence the Xeon CPU). Hardware-wise, this looks ~similar to the last 'cheesegrater' Mac Pro.
  3. I hunted around, but couldn't find an answer. Are both of these folders required, or are they effectively equivalent at this point in time (i.e. could just one folder be used)? Is there a functional difference between the two locations in terms of how the efi drivers are loaded/used?
  4. Curiously, replacing just the cloverx64.efi file is fine and doesn't yield the black screen - I went with the latest (r4945). If I run the installer, though, the system won't boot correctly.
  5. I am not entirely certain what version of Clover is being used on my current boot configuration, but it is working. If I install 4934 on my Dell E7480, the initial Clover menu comes up, but trying to boot mojave, I end up with a black screen. I've updated the various ext files with current versions, just in case, but that seemed to make no difference at all. I'm not sure how to debug this, so thought I would post here to see if anyone has suggestions.
  6. To come back to this, I'm still confused about how the update should be applied. Given an existing EFI driver with -64 in the name, and the supposed update that misses the -64, is the best approach to have both drivers side-by-side, or should the replacement driver be renamed to match (or can I simply remove the -64 driver and put the old one in place). It looks like the -64 is a Clover convention, but not perhaps something that is used upstream. I'm puzzled.
  7. Updating Clover made no difference at all. EDIT : It seems that this might be intermittent, possibly provoked by moving the mouse cursor on the FileVault login screen. I'm investigating - sometimes, the trackpad is fine and other times it's not working; I haven't found the pattern yet.
  8. Curious - for me, updating to 10.14.5 causes my trackpad to stop working, both at the FileVault login and then in macOS itself. External USB mice (including dongled wireless) are working. CLOVER_working11.zip
  9. The Discord invite code appears to be expired. Is the Discord still active?
  10. I did recently install iStat Menus Pro (5.x) and the sensors list is empty. Is there a set of kexts that would sort this out?
  11. Thanks. I now have a new revision of the bootpack here that also seems to greatly reduce the time to display for the filevault 2 screen. Brightness keys aren't working, but the volume keys are functional (with the on-screen display). That has me rather confused. No joy with HDMI - machine locks up, also get a boot error screen if HDMI plugged in then CLOVER_working6.zip
  12. To be honest, I'm not exactly sure. It is somewhat of a combination of your bootpack and the archive from here : https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/11155-latitude-7480-install-mojave/ Some of the efi and kext packages were updated as well, to match current releases.
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