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  1. What setting am I looking for to switch the keys, really. That's what I couldn't find using OpenCore Configurator.
  2. Here's my WIP bootpack; not sure what setting is involved. No Intel Airport kext (used 2.1 alpha) due to the archive being largely than the permitted attachment size. 7480_Monterey_OC_r001-noIntelKext.zip
  3. I've got a bootpack also that seems to kind of work with Monterey. I'll upload that shortly, but it has one thing missing - the existing bootpack from Big Sur I have uses/used the Windows key as the Apple key; the new one I'm working on seems to have this on the Alt key. I can't see what controls this in the config up to now.
  4. I removed the Intel wireless and BT kexts to get this under the size limit for attachment (those really are huge). This boots Big Sur 11.6.1 for me with FileVault 2, etc. OC075.zip
  5. I rolled back and used QtOpenCoreConfig to update. That seems to be booting, although it claims various errors in the config file, but offers no fix for them.
  6. I'm running a variant of Jake Lo's bootpack here with OpenCore 0.6.x and all seems to be well for Big Sur; updating OpenCore to the 0.7 series seems to block the machine from booting. It prompts for FileVault password and then gets no further. I tried the 7470 bootpack for OC 0.7.4 from Jake and it seems to get no further. I'm just wondering if there is a bootpack for this particular machine floating around, or whether it should actually work with the one for the 7470, but it's being stubborn
  7. Text scroll. The initial scroll appears just before the filevault screen. After entering the password, the login screen goes and text scrolls by until the OS is booted. I don't see where this is coming from; copying the OC folder over to machine B from machine A, the boot behavior doesn't have this scrolling text. I guess something is stored somewhere that triggers this display, but I can't find any information about it in the opencore docs. EDIT : Figured it out after a while. Hit space, then reset NVRAM. I had to re-enter the BIOS to set up OpenCore as a boot entry. The scroll is now gone.
  8. The config is derived from Jake Lo's. I changed out the sensors because VirtualSMC extensions were not showing sensors for my 7480. Everything else seems to be working fine; just curious where the boot scroll is coming from.
  9. I don't really understand the cause. I have two identical Dell 7480 machines here. I got the second based on the positive experience with macOS on the first. The one delta is that machine B has the stock mSATA Hynix drive; machine A has an HP NVMe drive. Both are using filevault encryption and the same bootloader configuration (attached as config.zip), and yet machine A shows bootscroll before and after the filevault password screen, where machine B does not. I can't see the cause for this and wondered if there was something I could try to clean this up. config.zip
  10. Big Sur seems to be aggressive about sending displays to sleep (even after fiddling with available options in the battery control panel) and so I've noticed this quirk. Whenever the display or machine sleeps, with HDMI connected, the external monitor is not detected / utilized when the machine is woken up. Reconnecting the cable restores the external monitor. I wondered if this was due to some configuration quirk that I can address, or perhaps it's a bug in 11.3. Anyone else seen similar behavior?
  11. I cleared the cookies / site data for osxlatitude and that seems to unstick things. Not entirely sure what might have corrupted.
  12. Went with the old versions initially; that seems to work. Will experiment with the 'newer' ones shortly, to see how they behave. Thanks!
  13. Would that be this one? https://github.com/CloverHackyColor/FakeSMC3_with_plugins
  14. Hello, Using the bootpack from https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/15517-dell-latitude-7280-updated-opencore-067-pack-for-big-sur/?do=findComment&comment=108181, (the HD620-Intel config file) the Latitiude 7480 comes up nicely in Big Sur 11.3, but I've noticed that sensors are missing from iStat Menus (5.32). I can't decide whether this is an issue with the changes in Big Sur for this software, or something in the bootpack. I am therefore posting for advice
  15. If I click on any 'news' link, such as that for the Bug Sur 11.3 release, I get an error of this form : Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX0 It happens across multiple machines, using Edge (the Chromium fork), unless I'm in private mode. I wondered what the error code implied, to see if I can find out what's interfering in the regular mode.
  16. OK. Linux boots now with that (it's kind of involved and I miss the automatic detection of Clover). Windows fails to boot from OC, though. Clover works fine. Still digging into that.
  17. Jake, your EFI folder posted here worked beautifully, and I also managed to get Messages, etc. working under Catalina with this. Thanks. I needed something to ease the move to OpenCore. One thing I have noticed is that the Linux install on the same machine isn't automatically detected - OpenCore shows Windows and macOS only. Clover sees all 3. Is there a way to allow OpenCore to detect Linux installs, or is manual intervention needed? (This might be somewhat off-topic asking about OpenCore+Linux, but a 3-way boot on this machine has proved very useful up to now so I wanted to take the risk in asking)
  18. I wondered whether it was possible to install some form of macOS on this machine. It has a Xeon X5690 in place of the original CPU, and an nVidia 750 card (which GPU-Z claims is fake - the card was picked up on eBay). 24 GB RAM, with the latest available BIOS from Dell (hence the Xeon CPU). Hardware-wise, this looks ~similar to the last 'cheesegrater' Mac Pro.
  19. To come back to this, I'm still confused about how the update should be applied. Given an existing EFI driver with -64 in the name, and the supposed update that misses the -64, is the best approach to have both drivers side-by-side, or should the replacement driver be renamed to match (or can I simply remove the -64 driver and put the old one in place). It looks like the -64 is a Clover convention, but not perhaps something that is used upstream. I'm puzzled.
  20. Updating Clover made no difference at all. EDIT : It seems that this might be intermittent, possibly provoked by moving the mouse cursor on the FileVault login screen. I'm investigating - sometimes, the trackpad is fine and other times it's not working; I haven't found the pattern yet.
  21. Curious - for me, updating to 10.14.5 causes my trackpad to stop working, both at the FileVault login and then in macOS itself. External USB mice (including dongled wireless) are working. CLOVER_working11.zip
  22. The Discord invite code appears to be expired. Is the Discord still active?
  23. I did recently install iStat Menus Pro (5.x) and the sensors list is empty. Is there a set of kexts that would sort this out?
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