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  1. @Tritius My USBs started working with the updates Jake Lo gave me. I have attached a copy of my EFI of my laptop from the EFI itself of the laptop, maybe it will help. If it works out, I highly recommend throwing a donation towards Jake Lo for finalizing, they are awesome! Good luck! E6530-EFI.zip
  2. @Tritius I can confirm brightness controls are not working; but I have not tried any of the suggestions by Jake and Herve. Brightness controls on this model are FN + Up/Down keys. Honestly I'm fine with the brightness being full blast, I have mine hooked up to an HDMI 65" LED 4K, but yeh eventually brightness might be an issue. As a side note, it may be possible to find a brightness control somewhere in system preferences or perhaps a third party app. I always thought brightness would go through the BIOS not the OS - but this is a really really small issue compared to having so much other things working. I hope you find a solution!
  3. @Jake Lo Everything is working 100% . -- Thank you so much! You guys kicked ass
  4. @Hervé I have no idea why I have no ACPI folder. I'm not trying to do anything special. Also I tried setting up without VoodooHDA - I could never get sound to work - Could VoodooHDA be causing USB issues?
  5. @Leook When it booted up, my screen filled with long vertical lines and got really bright, I'm not sure what happened but I never made it to the login screen. Possibly something with the graphics. @Hervé Is there somewhere I can go to collect all of the SMBIOS? Also, would that affect USB? I set the renaming as you requested, this did not have any effect. More things I tried: 1. It was suggested to install UsbInjectAll.kext to the OS and make the 2 rename suggestions you told me to do. 2. I also tried the Mojave USB patches 1, 2 and 3 for 10.14.4 (this didn't work either). I wish there was someone on here with my exact Latitude E6530 that has 10.14.4 working. I could only get my setup working from someone's E6230 EFI. Right now, sound, 1 usb and HDMI/graphics work, so I can't complain too much. If you have anymore ideas let me know.
  6. Thank you! I will do all of this and get back to you in a few hours with success/fail.
  7. Sorry, I named the file incorrectly. It's the same file, just couldn't delete it from the post and upload or rename it without a file size error. Here's the EFI folder zip renamed to the correct model. E6530-EFI-Mojave-10_14.4.zip
  8. @Jake Lo @Hervé Hey guys. I have been diligently searching the forums to get my E6530 booted up with Mojave 10.14.4. I am currently logged in to Mojave, with... - Sound (VoodooHDA / Layout-ID 12), - HDMI (1080p), - HD4000 Integrated Graphics, - 16GB Ram, - 2 TB HDD (not SSD). - Messages works (natively with my iPhone X). - No freezes at all, everything is smooth. - Graphics are great, plays 1080p nicely! - Sound is great too. What I need help with: - [big problem, I need more USB ports] Only 1 USB port works (back left diagonal). - I need help with Left USB (no power, no recognition) - I need help with Right USB (has power for iPad, but not detected) - [not important] Internal WiFi card not recognized (to be expected, probably an Intel card, not supported?) - I replaced with an external WiFi card I had laying around. I figure you guys have dealt with this already. Attaching my current EFI folder. I just want to thank you guys for working so hard for us E6530-EFI-Mojave-10_14.4.zip E6350-EFI-10_14.4.zip
  9. @jpz4085 Thank you for posting this zip file. I've been trying for 3 nights now to just get Mojave to get to the installer. Here's a short overview of my specs: Latitude E6530 IvyBridge Nvidia 4000 16GB Ram 2TB HDD (not SSD) I think I have like 30 zip files of clover configurations, yours loaded right up. I've probably damaged my computer turning it off so many times. Many thanks for getting me one step closer to having Mac installed.
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