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  1. I have installed DW1820A that seems wrong labeled as OVW3T3, because it's subsystem ID showing up as 1028:0023. The wifi is working fine, even without airportbrcmfixup, but the bluetooth is not detected at all. i've usb working, installed usbinjectall, and implemented custom ssdt. even if i'm removing custom ssdt, the bluetooth device won't show up. Than i'm doing the pin masking like @Naidis did, and than my wifi card is unavailable, but the bluetooth device is appear. the bluetooth it self have BCM2045A0 detected with Vendor ID : 0A5C, and product ID : 6412, the location of usb port is on HP13, that mean the bluetooth device using USB 2 BUS, on PR11, like this The conclusion is, 1. If my pin card is masked, the bluetooth detected, but it make wifi unavailable 2. if my pin card is not masked, the bluetooth is not detected at all, and wifi work normally i don't know it's my card problem, or my ngff slot hardware problem, becasue it have same case on windows. Anybody please help me out i'm attached my IOReg without pin masking for now Azrul’s MacBook Pro WPM.ioreg
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