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  1. ok, shall I not remove the boot args "-v"? Because I would like to remove the logging during the boot of the system.
  2. it works, i copied the oc and boot folder under efi and it works as well hdd as usb. with which tool should i maintain the config of oc and how do you mount the efi folder, i monted it with kext updater? Furthermore i would like to know, how can i disable the debugging messages, with AppleDebug = false?
  3. Last question, are there any software/ apps to change the config.plst for OC, because for Clover there is a Clover configurator?
  4. ok, before I should create an OC booting stick, shouldn´t I?
  5. Ok, what is necessary to update to OC, is it enough to copy JakeLo´s folder to EFI Folder?
  6. Hi, I have a e7470 and got the following error during the Update. I use Clover the 5126. Have somebody the same issue
  7. But I had to choose twice "install from" that was so crazy, now I am working on 10.15.3 and all is ok, but why I had to choose twice "install from" is so strange?
  8. Now it should work, after the second reboot I had to re-choose „Mac for install Catalina-Data“ in Cloover. why did I have to choose the Data Partition of my Catalina Installation, could this be referred that I changed my Partition Name from Mojave Data in Catalina Data?
  9. Hi, the update to 10.15.3 will not be working, during the update the progress bar is ca. in the middle the system reboot automatically and start 10.15.2 again. Does somebody have the same problem, I use the EFI from Jake Lo? Best Regards Doc
  10. Hi, sometimes it happen, that my usb mouse or and usb keyboard doesn´t work after reactivated of the sleep mode. Then I have to unplug and plug the cable and then it works. Is there maybe a boot argument which I could use? I have a Dell e7470 with Catalina and the bootpack of the following link
  11. ok thank you for your feedback, maybe it´s really better to stick at High Sierra
  12. Hi, i´m searching for a working EFI for the E6410, is it actuall possible to run with catalina?
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