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  1. Hi, sometimes it happen, that my usb mouse or and usb keyboard doesn´t work after reactivated of the sleep mode. Then I have to unplug and plug the cable and then it works. Is there maybe a boot argument which I could use? I have a Dell e7470 with Catalina and the bootpack of the following link
  2. ok thank you for your feedback, maybe it´s really better to stick at High Sierra
  3. Hi, i´m searching for a working EFI for the E6410, is it actuall possible to run with catalina?
  4. sometimes this mentioned problem still happen. I will test your bootpack and will come back
  5. I´ve solved with the hmi-enabled and cdfon, now it works in catalina as well Other question, what do you mean with imessage, i can send sms via message?
  6. Ok, but thats not the same behaivior what i ment, then with 10.14 it went, this problem is since catalina. The screen from the local display is always black, when i disconnect the hdmi cable.
  7. When I change my input source of my monitor, for e. g. from hdmi to dp then back again, the external monitor Dell u3415w will not be reactivated and you can just restart the computer. Important for the solution, as soon as you change the source the internal monitor will be deactivated and come never be back. I have an e7470 and enclosed you can find my clover CLOVER.zip
  8. Since Catalina it doesn´t work the function "Repair permissions and rebuild cache" with the tool kext updater. Do someone know another tool for the mentioned feature?
  9. Sound Control app works for me: https://staticz.com/soundcontrol/
  10. No I have audio, but I cannot adjust the volume. What do you mean with the relation of my screen, does it really fit with an sound problem? I didn´t configured anything and my system has an intel hd grapic 520. The sound works good, I have just one problem, I cannot adjust the volume. It is greyed.
  11. Hi, I cannot adjust the sound in the menu bar, it is deactivated. The monitor is plugged via hdmi on my e7470. Has anybody a similar issue? Thks and Regards
  12. Hi, if I execute the kext updater, I always get the message "please delete AppleBacklightFixup and use instead WhateverGreen. It is already contained. Shall I just delete the mentioned kext or is it anything other necessary? My System is a dell E7470 thanks
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