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  1. Hi, Can nobody help me? I can try booting from a linux live distro and save the ioreg with HDMI connected, maybe that can help? I linked my current EFI Folder for 10.14.6, but with the same issue and the provided config. EFI.zip
  2. He says it fixes a sleep issue with the wifi card.
  3. I get a black screen every time I plug it in. So idont think I could check the IOReg with HDMI connected.
  4. Hi, Today I tried the new config plist and the exact same issue with the hdmi happend. So this was no fix :(
  5. Hi, Finally I finished the installation of 10.14.6 on my Dell E5440. Everything works just fine, but HDMI will not work. Every time I plug it in, it causes a grey screen on my laptop monitor. Also on boot up. I attached my EFI Folder, maybe someone can help me. I searched a bit and read something about Azul Framebuffer Kext. Thank you for helping. Greedings, Hugo EFI EFI.zip
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