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  1. On Android with IM+

  2. I've been wanting to try this badly, but alas my l702x doesnt support GPT partitions so it wont boot off the flash. I may end up making a plopboot disk just to boot Chrome to try it out. Want to see their new desktop first hand rather than video or screenshots
  3. Did you ever find A12 download. I would like to roll back so I can get sleep working, I thought I wouldn't care, but I actually would like to be able to use it now. Thanks in advance!
  4. that's a new one on me, I guess I got lucky on that. I just had to do the freedos bootdisk to recover, I dont know of any other ways to recover as I never got the recovering method listed on the wiki to work.
  5. Yeah I never got that method to work. I had to create a freedos USB boot disk, copy the dell Bios.exe to that flash drive boot and run it. its a dual executable has dos and windows frontends. once I ran that it worked without a hitch.
  6. The Nvidia version should have been pulled a long time ago. If you read through the forum you will see many have had problems with it, including myself. You will also find you will need to reflash the original in order to get a functioning machine again.
  7. use the USB keyb and mouse to get into your system then get something like kext wizard to reinstall the drivers to S/L/E and rebuild the caches and you shouldnt have any problems. I had a similiar issue on another machine and that solved it for me.
  8. Yeah so far with A16 USB 2.0 isnt working anymore for me. If I understood DSDT a little more I would try and make my own. I did happen to find an SSDT for the 2670QM, I think it was on the kexts.com forum, I'll attach it for anyone with the same CPU. i72670QM_SSDT.zip
  9. I may be wrong on this but I believe on the Intel GPU models you have to use arch=i386, as the graphics drivers are 32bit only for that kext. I see the kernel is in 64bit mode so it could be the solution to all your problems
  10. Nvidia is a no go, since there is no way to turn off Optimus on our models. Those two wifi cards aren't supported in OSX, no drivers available. You'll have to find an OSX Compatible card, I believe the dell DW1505 1510 is supported OOB on Lion and is rather cheap to pick up off of ebay etc
  11. That is odd, I used the ports on the side of the Laptop to do my installs. All I can say is if it works for you then do it
  12. It's Probably hidden. If he bought it through an Apple ID then yes it would show up. but if it came with the macbook then no it probably wont show up.
  13. No, freeze ups are common on the D630 without having a DSDT or one that is updated for Lion. go to this page http://www.osxlatitude.com/vanilla-dsdt-collection/ and select the correct DSDT for your system, then put it in /Extra of your USB installer and things should go more smoothly for you. Once installed you will need to install EDP to make sure your system is configured correctly. Also you can download Lion on a system that has it installed already. In app store, go to Purchased apps. While holding the Option key click on Lion, instead of installed it should have an Install Option, let it go through the motions of downloading and then just cancel the setup and the file should be located in your Applications folder
  14. Just an update, A16 is out as of yesterday. They pulled down the A12 and A14 Bios updates. so only A11 and A16 were listed when I checked a few mins ago
  15. Yeah I have the same problem, I didn't have a choice though, my L702x came with A14 with no way to downgrade it
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