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  1. On Android with IM+

  2. I may be wrong on this but I believe on the Intel GPU models you have to use arch=i386, as the graphics drivers are 32bit only for that kext. I see the kernel is in 64bit mode so it could be the solution to all your problems
  3. That is odd, I used the ports on the side of the Laptop to do my installs. All I can say is if it works for you then do it
  4. It's Probably hidden. If he bought it through an Apple ID then yes it would show up. but if it came with the macbook then no it probably wont show up.
  5. No, freeze ups are common on the D630 without having a DSDT or one that is updated for Lion. go to this page http://www.osxlatitude.com/vanilla-dsdt-collection/ and select the correct DSDT for your system, then put it in /Extra of your USB installer and things should go more smoothly for you. Once installed you will need to install EDP to make sure your system is configured correctly. Also you can download Lion on a system that has it installed already. In app store, go to Purchased apps. While holding the Option key click on Lion, instead of installed it should have an Install Option, let it go through the motions of downloading and then just cancel the setup and the file should be located in your Applications folder
  6. Im using the official A17 Bios, as the one on this forum isnt functioning correctly
  7. OK, well what it really needs is a bake, BUT you can do this to get the system going as well. remove the keyboard and loosen screws I believe 2 and 3 on the cooling system ( two closest to the gpu so that it takes the heatsink off of the gpu. power on the system and go immediately into the bios and let it sit until the machine shuts off on its own( its a safety feature in the system) this will cause the gpu to heat up and in my case it heated up and redid the connections. This is a common problem on D630's even if you turned in to get the fix after the Nvida Lawsuit. once the machine shuts off screw down the heatsink and power on once more, you should have a working system once again. I've had to do this atleast three times before on my system, but was remedied once I got speedstep working on my GPU and CPU, Ive yet to have to do it again. quick note on the screws on the heatsink, dont tighten them down as far as they will go, just so that the heatsink is snug on the gpu.
  8. Ok so to be clear, its distorted graphics on power on and acts like its going to boot but does not?
  9. Sure does, I have a simple fix for that if its the case, Ive ran across that as well but there are some simple fixes to get it back running.
  10. Im no pro, but I dont believe modifying FakeSMC will fix random freezes unless I've missed something somewhere. I dont have any fan issues, it runs according to load of the machine. a lot of that has to do with using speedstep, overall my machine stays around 30 degrees C.
  11. Very True! see I forget little details sometimes. As for RobertB, we have the same setup but for those of you downloading this kext pack to try on your setup, that is a very important thing to know that you must have the same CPU as myself which is the T7300 2.0Ghz where I modified the DSDT for my CPU Setup. Good looking out Bronxteck!
  12. RobertB, Here's my updated setup. Ive changed to the EDP 2.2 Setup but I still modify it a bit. 1. I change my Mac Model to MacBookPro5,1. This is so that I get a nice setup with speedstepping not only the CPU but also the GPU. It's not for everyone but this setup Allows me to Play Starcraft II and WoW with no problems at all. 2. I've manually added 5 speedsteps for the CPU in to the DSDT 1200-2000mhz that are used by VoodooPstate. Im not using the native Apple Powermanagement as you will notice but looking at the 0EDP.kext file I am using NullCPUPM in conjuction with VoodooPState. For some reason games have an issue with ApplePowerManagement on this partiticular rig. Again this is for performance and probably isnt for everyone but it works great for me. You could always switch back to the EDP DSDT.aml. if you do go back to EDP's DSDT remember to edit the org.chameleon.boot.plist and reenable GeneratePStates and GenerateCStates. 3. I include LegacyACPI.kext and LegacyAGPM in my setup, again all for my gpu speedstepping that works ever so nicely, even though I could probably tweak it a bit more. 4. I use the Slice-ANV PS2 kext setup with one exception, Ive modified it to be able to use Keyboard in 32/64 bit, since I only use 64 bit I needed to have a PS2 kext that works great in that mode and also allows me to use the mouse prefpane. I don't think I forgot anything. The EDP team does a wonderful job and with out them I wouldnt be as far along as I am now, I just have my own idea of what my setup should be for performance so I use their work as a basis for creating my own custom build. that being said their original setup is included still in my zip archive so you could rerun it to rebuild your setup to one of their predefined builds if mine doesnt help you. To use this, extract the file. put the Extra Directory in it's proper place. It will overwrite your Existing if you just copy it over, thats fine but I would recommend renaming your existing to like Extra.original or whatever name you prefer then copying the file ove. Then put 0EDP.kext in your /S/L/E. I do this using Kext Wizard, wondeful app! Hope this helps you out! and now for the file!! Extra.zip Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions.
  13. I had the issue with the mouse cursor jumping all over as well. I had to go into touchpad prefs and uncheck use two finger scrolling now my mouse is nice and smooth. I understand it seems each setup is different but maybe that will help those few that are having similiar issues.
  14. These Kexts work with Lion Perfectly in 32 and 64bit mode PS2 Lion Kexts.zip
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