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  1. Have updated to catalina successfully, cant get bluetooth working. card: dw1820a with id 021. it worked under mojave but no matter what i use it detects my airpods but it keeps connecting and reconnecting every 5-10 seconds. I have tried headkazes new bcrmpatch but same problem. EDIT : Found thease kexts in another forum and bluetooth is upp and running. no additional kexts needed. Working after sleep too. BT for DW1820A Ver.2.zip
  2. I hade a similar problem and the culprit was the USB installer. Made a new USB installer using terminal and fixed it.
  3. @Jake LoThanks, I am in fact using DW1820A and your suggestion worked out.
  4. My 7490 boots with pack number 6 in Herve's guide but no kext injection and unstable system. Have tried to rebuild kextcache and repair permissions but still same. however reverting back to pack 5, the system does work as it should. Anybody else having this issue? Any help to correct it?
  5. I had this problem and did move all kexts to L/E as Herve mentioned above. problem solved.
  6. Now i fixed it by installing mojave first then install clover and remove the cloverusb. Verystrange but that did the trick.
  7. @Hervé I did exactly as you described above, but even if I choose the partition I made att on windows the OSX installer uses the whole disk. I tried then to install Mojave first and partition the disk into two partitions, one for windows and the other for Mojave. Mojave installed ok but when i booted from windows Usb installer and choose the partition created for windows, the windows installer did format all the drive. I have som experience of hackintosh on desktops but this is my firs laptop. I am no total noob but this is very very strange.
  8. I cant partition the m2 disk to dualboot, Have tried to install either one of windows and mojave and create two partitions and once installed and up try to install the other OS. But when I install the second OS no matter if its Mojave or Windows 10 it will format the whole disk and not just the selected parition. I am begenning to wonder if its a faulty hardware? Any help is greatly appretiated.
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