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  1. So I have switched to Clover (for the Trackpad sake) and created my own patches for the Trackpad and it works perfectly now! VoodooI2C is now able to detect my Trackpad, its pinning and now works under Interrupt mode, rendering a more stable experience (see screenshots below). The laggy cursor bug I mentioned above occurs very slightly to me now, although all 2-finger gestures (like zoom, rotate) are still a hit-or-miss to me: they basically work, but not smooth. Also I have the same Trackpad as yours (Dell 081C) and my BIOS version is 1.13.1 (Downgraded from v1.14 because of undervolting issue). Here's my theory for the Trackpad bug under OpenCore (I'm assuming you're using SSDT patches and not directly edit and compile your DSDT): those SSDT Trackpad patches are used to patch _STA and _CRS methods found under GPI0 and TPD1 respectively. In order for those patches to work we need to rename (or to hotpatch, under ACPI -> Patches in OC config.plist) those methods so that our patched one won't be overridden by the DSDT, and there are plenty of _STAs and _CRSs in our DSDT, so we need to rename them in some specific scopes (in this case, under _SB.PCI0.GPI0 and _SB.PCI0.I2C1.TPD1 scope). In Clover this should be easy to do: just find _STA and _CRS and replace with XSTA and XCRS with their relative target bridge (GPI0 and TPD1 respectively) and we're good to go! But under OpenCore, I can still find and replace those methods, but there are no target bridges to aim for (not that I know of), so VoodooI2C won't detect our Trackpad and it has to work under Polling mode (assume that you have renamed _OSI to XOSI). However, if we edit directly to our DSDTs instead (force those methods to return specific values instead of those ifs statements that will lead to different return values), we don't have to do those SSDT patches and hotpatches anymore. I haven't tried this because my decompiled DSDT won't compile properly due to some random errors (I'll try to fix them), so if you're able to, maybe edit your DSDT instead? Aside from that trackpad woes, I haven't replaced my internal wifi card (still using Intel Dual-band Wireless AC 8265, can't find replacement card for hackintosh in my area) so I use the Ethernet port for internet in macOS. Also, does the right side of your palmrest heat up while using macOS? That doesn't happen under Windows though, and I'm a bit worried because that's the left side of the battery, and battery + heat = bad :).
  2. Hey Extremeagile, Thank you for your detailed and thorough information! I forgot to tell you in my first post, that I was using OpenCore 0.5.8. Unfortunately, using Herve's bootpack or Swung0x48's (Link) would render my Trackpad to be undetectable under macOS (I hadn't examined the issue thoroughly though, as I was in a hurry then). I might try to create my own Clover Bootloader this weekend and see if it solves the problem. As for the OpenCore bootloader side, I have tried everything you listed above: from trying different version (all I2C release below v2.2 would not work with the Trackpad), to only use XOSI patch/hotpatch, etc... Weirdly enough, only the XOSI patch is necessary for the Trackpad to "work". If I remove XOSI patch and only use the GPIO pinning patch, the Trackpad wouldn't be detectable (unlike yours). Moreover, in IOReg, I don't see any children under VoodooI2CControllerDriver, unlike your IOReg on Clover (This could be the issue, like you said. Maybe VoodooI2C is not well-performed under OpenCore? Specifically OC 0.5.8?). Later today I'll open up an issue on the VoodooI2C Github. You might wanna check it out . Thanks a lot for your reply! (And sorry for any grammar mistakes/shortage, English is my second language.) Update: I have opened an issue on VoodooI2C Github, check it out if you can! Update 2: I am now able to boot up Herve's bootpack. The bundled VoodooI2C didn't work, so I updated to the latest release and it works, but it would occasionally cut off while dragging or using the cursor, which is more frustrating (the buggy and jumpy trackpad bug dissapeared though). Under IOReg I can't see my Trackpad and the GPIO pin listed like yours (which is weird, given that the trackpad worked, maybe under Polling mode?). I have attached my Clover EFI below. EFI.zip
  3. Hi! I have the same Latitude 7490 (i5-8350u variant) and experienced the same buggy, jumpy, delayed trackpad (I'm on 10.15.5 btw). Have you got any updates about your situation? Btw, how did you get the trackpad working without XOSI? I've pinned and patched my GPIO following the VoodooI2C documentation but can't use my trackpad without XOSI rename. Thanks a lot and have a great day/night!
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