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  1. @tqbinh my card works flawlessly in Win10, wifi + bluetooth. In Mojave, I even had the bluetooth appear once in sysprefs>network while trying to find a workaround. I think it was when I installed the bcrmfirmware etc kexts. I did not touch anything in s/l/e as this is a vanilla install.
  2. Hello, I have thinkpad T440p and I have dw1820a: I followed @Hervés guide (clover inject) first. In Windows, device properties in device manager shows: Location Paths: PCIROOT(0)#PCI(1C01)#PCI(0000) ACPI(_SB_)#ACPI(PCI0)#ACPI(EXP2)#PCI(0000) (no BIOS Path in the options) I can't boot without: 1) brcmfix=1 in boot arguments 2) airportbrcmfixup.kext in c/k/o When checking FixAirport and AddDTGP in ACPI Fixes: This path shows up: (without FixAirport and AddDTGP checked, only [email protected] shows up, which I think is the cardreader at least according to hackintool) In system report: Only put airportbcrmfixup.kext in /c/k/o, if Install it in /L/E I can't boot. Here are /c/k/o kexts: (i just tried adding BroadcomWiFiInjector.kext and FakePCIID_Broadcom_WiFi.kext because I thought clover is not properly injecting all data in the properties tab): Please help. Been trying to fix this for 3 days and I'm stuck. Tried different combinations including trying other SMBIOS settings, trying different paths in devices properties (PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1c,0x01)/Pci(0x0,0x0) to (PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1c,0x1)/Pci(0x0,0x0) .... (PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1cx0x0)/Pci(0x0,0x0) ... etc. If I try (PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1c)/Pci(0x0,0x0) clover injects the data properly into this address (cardreader) except the 'compatible|pcie14e4,4353', model, name, device_type are on point.. which is weird.. I can't seem to DSDT patch smoothly (I have tried before but I get too many errors) that's why I didn't try patching this. Any help/suggestion would be greatly appreciated. PS: I have a SSDT patch in my patched folder from a guide, without this I have no battery manager and brightness adjustment.
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