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  1. @Jake Lo I used apple native bcm9436cs2 card with converted case in my latitude 7400, don't need extra kext driver . I set empty to the boot args. I had tried one-key-hidpi script before, also failed. I looked up large articles to solve the 4K monitor problems, seems this issue related framebuffer dvmt.
  2. @Jake Lo I tried it, don't work. still detected the 4k monitor as 2k monitor.
  3. Thanks for your EFI. It can work at my dell latitude 7400 as your description. But I found a problem with my outer 4K monitor. When I connect a 4k monitor to the HDMI port on my laptop I can only select 1080p/60. I've used RESx and can force 1440p but still not 4k 24/30hz (HDMI port is only 1.4). In windows it will do 4k 24/30hz.
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