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  1. Has anyone had a issue with their Broadcom wifi on Catalina 10.15.5? before I updated wifi was very stable on this system but when I updated my entire laptop will freeze when downloading anything from the wifi. I figured it was the wifi because when its not actively connected and completely turned off the computer runs normal as usual and i can complete 3 hour long projects when I'm off wifi. the moment I connect it freezes or 10 minutes in it'll freeze. It was frustrating me alot I end up finding a German EFI for the e5450 and it literally has everything working flawlessly but the wifi was still freezing the laptop. erased my ssd twice installed ubuntu (no freezes in ubuntu) created os installation media for OS X booted with OpenCore installed fresh and everything and I'm still experiencing this crash with the DW1560 wifi bluetooth card. has anyone else experienced this crash? I was originally on Clover but the included EFI is Opencore because I assumed it was clover. EFI.zip EFI.zip
  2. I just upgraded to 10.15.5 today and im experiencing the same thing
  3. Processor i5-xxxx @2.3GHz 16GB RAM Intel HD5500 graphics had to change some acpi information to get the installer to boot due to usb issues. installed 5070 clover for the USB and changed (change ECDV to EC) for the double check to boot the installer (took 5 min to boot) after the OS finished I reinstalled all of my previous kext including the new Brcm kext and got every major part working including HDMI Audio. I include my clover installer EFI and my Boot Drive EFI to download CLOVER.zip the only 2 things that bothers me is drm videos in safari and now the new Apple TV app and all the function keys aren't set right and I have no clue how to set them. does anyone know any fixes for this?
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