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  1. I tried a lot of combinations. None worked. As soon as i use voodooi2c the mouse starts hopping. Do you have another hint?
  2. after i updated voodooi2c to the latest version only had voodooi2c and voodooi2chid enabled.
  3. Hi Jake, found something in the log: 00:000 00:000 OC: Prelinked injection VoodooI2C.kext () - Invalid Parameter 00:094 00:094 OC: Prelinked injection VoodooI2CHID.kext () - Invalid Parameter looks like i2c and hid is not loading.
  4. I replaced the kexts with the kexts of Hervé's EFI. Now the mouse and keyboard are not working anymore.
  5. perfect, thxalot. wifi works and the boot process is way faster
  6. I only found a guide from Hervé for a 7490 with clover configs. do you have a link?
  7. strange i can switch wifi on, but i dont see any wireless networks. any suggestion where to look?
  8. OK, graphics problem fixed. but my wifi card (DW1560) is not recognized. Does it work with Big Sur?
  9. same behavior with only vodooi2chid enabled. the mouse is hopping if you lift the finger and put it somewhere else on the trackpad, something like the trackpad would be 1/4th of the screen and if you tip with he finger, the mouse moves to this location on the screen. config.plist.zip
  10. Hi, I updated my E5550 from Catalina to Big Sur. The bootup takes ages to complete and the graphics are "ripped". Any suggestions? TIA .d config.plist.zip
  11. Just voodooI2c and VoodooI2CHID + Plugins enabled. Disabled VoodooPS2 mouse & trackpad, only voodoops2 keyboard enabled. > What IC2 Satellite kexts did you enabled? synaptics, don't know if this is right config.plist.zip
  12. here is my last used config. thx config.plist.zip
  13. One step futher... thxalot It's booting, but the mouse is jumping all over the screen if you end up at the edge of the trackpad and put the finger back into the middle, the pointer jumps to the middle of the screen. And the left mouse button is not working in all cases, in safari it's not working and in the dialog to shutdown, you can not press the shutdown button. Enter works. Any suggestion how to fix this?
  14. after enabling i2c and ssd-tpdx the boot is stuck here
  15. the trackpad is not recognized as trackpad. The two finger scroll is not working. Any suggestion to get it working?
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