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  1. Thx, it's working. I already downloaded it, but I think I focused to much on the I2C and forgot about it. Perfect. thx.
  2. OK, one step further. Trackpad is working, but keyboard still not working. debug_30267.zip
  3. where do i get the latest version? i found the bitbucket repo from rehabman, but nothing with I2C. nevermind... found it. wrong author
  4. installation just went thru. keyboard and mouse not working. wifi adapter will be exchanged to dw1560, waiting for delivery. debug_16712.zip
  5. Hi Jake, I used the files and hot patches from this thread: it's booting, but still no internal keyboard and mouse. USB keyboard/Mouse is working. Any suggestion how to get the internals to work? TIA .d
  6. Hi idjundje, you will have to replace the wireless card, e.g. with a DW1560. I would upgrade the memory, 4GB is quite low. Create an install stick and use the bootpack for the e5550. I attached my clover folder, maybe it of some kind of help for you. cheers .d CLOVER.zip
  7. It booted with the igfxvesa argument. But it came up searching for a bluetooth mouse. i deleted the voodoops2mouse and trackpad, added the appleps2controller kext. Now it is booting into the language selection, but i still have no mouse and keyboard. Clover folder is attached. CLOVER.zip
  8. Hi Jake, here are the specs: 210-AKCJ : Dell Latitude 5580, CTO 492-BBXF : 65-Watt-Netzadapter, 3-polig 555-BDGD : Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 8265 (802.11ac) 2x2 320-BCCR : 15,6Zoll HD 1366 x 768 Reflexionsarm Keine Touch-Funktion mit Kamera, WLAN-fähig 379-BCTP : Intel Core i5-6200U Prozessor der 6. Generation (Dual Core, 2,3GHz, 3MB Cache) 346-BCET : Dual Point Palmrest with No Security 370-ADIB : 16GB, 2x8GB, DDR4 2400MHz Speicher 400-AOQN : M.2 256GB SATA Class 20 Solid State Drive 409-BBKS : Intel Rapid Storage Technology 451-BBXT : Hauptakku, 3 Zellen, 42 Wh I attached a video of the boot process, it's shortened, if you need the longer version pls let me know. Clover folder attached as well. I took the Clover folder from this post: TIA for your help .d IMG_4302.m4v.zip CLOVER.zip
  9. Hi, I got me an E5580. Is there a bootpack for Mojave for an E5580? I tried the HS Bootpack, which doesn't work. TIA .d
  10. Got this. In the kext or somewhere else in the system there must be file which holds the mappings for each type of keyboard. where is this? where does the system save the system save the settings which keyboard to use?
  11. in which plist is the current keyboard stored? can i change it to ISO in this file?
  12. didn't work. is there any alternative to appleps2controller beside voodoops2controller? I checked all available keyboard, none of them has 11 key in the row between the shift keys. how are keyboards defined in osx?
  13. No luck. After switching back and forth, the button came back. I pressed the button, nothing happened, no assistant came up. After closing the system settings and reopening it, the button was gone again. Is there any plist that can be edited? Can the assistant be started manually?
  14. Not working. The button came up after I plugged in the usb keyboard. I clicked the button, nothing happened. the button disappeared.
  15. Hi Jake, thx for the tip, but it didn't work. I pressed the < key and it looks like the keyboard is recognized. I started Testest, the key is still dead. After this I wanted to try it again, but the "Change Keyboard Type" button is not there anymore. Any suggestion how to get the button back or start the assistant manually? cheers .d
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