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Gigabyte H370M-based PC with UHD 630: not booting Big Sur after installation


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Hi all,


I have 2 hackintoshs that have similar hardware:

1st: Gigabyte H370M DS3H |  i5 8400 |  Using Built in Intel UHD 630

2nd: Gigabyte H370M DS3H |  i7 8700 |  AORUS Radeon RX 580


2nd one is running big sur with opencore, without any problem.

1st one is running high sierra with clover, no problem.


Now I want to reinstall the 1st with big sur.

I used the EFI from the 2nd one and changed the settings for the uhd 630 as found in the documentation of opencore.

Installation went OK, but rebooting the first time ionto the system, no picture is coming up. the log messages always show some kind of graphics card initialization error.


Can anybody help me with this?

I'll attach the config.plist that I use.





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Intel i5-8400 is 8th gen Coffee Lake fitted with UHD 630 iGPU carrying id 0x3E92. As such, it's part of the early CFL iGPUs natively supported from High Sierra right through Monterey. I looked at your iGPU properties injection:



I suggest you replace it with the following set of properties, ensuring you remove that "device_type" property which looks wrong to me:

AAPL,ig-platform-id        07009B3E    DATA
framebuffer-patch-enable   1           NUMBER
framebuffer-stolenmem      00003001    DATA
framebuffer-fbmem          00009000    DATA

That should work (as per WEG user manual) but you may also want to enable Vector Acceleration in the UEFI section of your OC config.


The Dortania Big Sur guide for Coffee Lake desktop platforms also mentions that, should you encounter black screen on H370 (and others) platforms, you should follow/apply the BusID patch:




Of course, it would help if you could identify all your output ports and type in High Sierra given that you can boot it with Clover. Use IORegistryExplorer app to that effect and plug/unplug monitors in and out of your video ports and see which connector shows changes in the app.

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Erm... very confusing...

  1. that Clover config of yours is next to empty so I utterly fail to see how it could work. It cannot be the config you're using.
  2. your IOReg extracts show a Hack set as an Haswell-based iMac14,2 + Kaby Lake HD630 settings including:
    1. iGPU fake id 0x5912
    2. KBL framebuffer 0x59120000
    3. 3 x expected DP (type 00040000) output ports
    4. 1 x display on 1st output port con0, whatever that may represent on your PC (DP or HDMI)


Kaby Lake framebuffer 0x59120000 defines the following output ports (connectors):

ID: 59120000, STOLEN: 38 MB, FBMEM: 0 bytes, VRAM: 1536 MB, Flags: 0x0000110B
TOTAL STOLEN: 39 MB, TOTAL CURSOR: 1 MB (1572864 bytes), MAX STOLEN: 115 MB, MAX OVERALL: 116 MB (122171392 bytes)
Model name: Intel HD Graphics KBL CRB
Camellia: CamelliaDisabled (0), Freq: 1388 Hz, FreqMax: 1388 Hz
Mobile: 0, PipeCount: 3, PortCount: 3, FBMemoryCount: 3
[1] busId: 0x05, pipe: 9, type: 0x00000400, flags: 0x00000187 - ConnectorDP
[2] busId: 0x04, pipe: 10, type: 0x00000400, flags: 0x00000187 - ConnectorDP
[3] busId: 0x06, pipe: 10, type: 0x00000400, flags: 0x00000187 - ConnectorDP
01050900 00040000 87010000
02040A00 00040000 87010000
03060A00 00040000 87010000


The IOReg info clearly does not show what would normally be expected for the 8th gen Coffee Lake/UHD630 model you described but so be it if that's what got you going in High Sierra... If the recommended settings and black screen patches fail to get you going, try and re-apply the same High Sierra settings to your OpenCore config.

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1. -> I doubt it; as I said that config is close to being empty and contains no injected properties at all. Where would the Kaby Lake properties come from then? Patched DSDT or SSDT tables? I suggest you post a zipped copy of your Clover EFI foilder.

2. -> well, you simply re-inject the same properties; you surely know how to do that if you already followed the Dortania guidance...

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