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  1. I have been tired of the graphics problem of this system. I messed up with my installation of High Sierra somehow during my tries to get the graphics working using instructions from different forums . Fortunately, I had my original Sierra USB installer and I reinstalled it. Now, I want to update from Sierra (10.12) to Mojave (10.14.6). I have already downloaded the full version app from app store. Can it be accomplished? if yes, what changes in clover/config.plist will be required to complete the update from 10.12 to 10.14.6? Current clover version is 3811. Thanking you in advance.
  2. Unable to update macOS to 10.13.6. After restart, can't boot from the installer.
  3. No KP using these config files. No difference either. Same screen flickering on login screen. No kext loaded for display in "System Information" section. Display memory = 4MB in "About this Mac". Screenshots attached.
  4. As far as I have studied different forums, I got to know the i3 systems are hard to configure as hackintosh. Previously, I have configured an i5 3rd generation HP 8470p with HD 4000 without any problems but this i3 5th generation is getting hard to configure. Am I right in in figuring out that i3 systems are not much successful when it come to hackintosh?
  5. When latest version of clover is installed, it the system won't boot. Just blank screen with LENOVO logo.
  6. Updated to ver 4813. No mac boot option shown with efi->clover->drivers->uefi->*.efi mac boot options shown with efi->clover->drivers64uefi->*.efi but unable to boot.
  7. No mac boot option at all in new clover. P.S: On clover boot screen, 3811 is written as version number in right bottom corner.
  8. Same error with current configuration with all above instructions followed. "Graphics Driver failed to Load: could not register with frame buffer driver." Attached is my compressed efi folder from EFI partition. Please have a look at it. You might identify some new source of problem. EFI.zip
  9. Removed all folders except others. I'm not installing. Its already installed and running. Just trying to fix the Graphics. Attached is the screenshot for my EFI partition directory structure. All present in S/L/E. It is a standard update install from Sierra. Although graphics weren't working in Sierra, either.
  10. Both methods were tried. -igfxvesa resulted in Kernel Panic. Adding ig-platform-id and fake id both 0x12345678 let me boot the OS and get to the desktop. Repaired permissions using "diskutil resetUserPermissions /'id -u' and rebuilt cache using "sudo kextcache -i /", then restarted with same result of Kernel Panic. Did I do this right?? How can we eliminate DVMT prealloc memory as possible culprit of unexpected results??? As I mentioned I used the estimation from another website to determine the DVMT prealloc of my machine. Is there any other, more accurate method to ensure the DVMT memory size??
  11. System restarted after half loading (apple loading bar half filled) when using the config.plist you provided. Starting in verbose mode shows Kernel panic. Here is the panic report, if it may help.
  12. Deleted the said kext.... Both zip files attached. I obtained Registry Output output by save as option in IORegistryExplorer. The id 0x16160006 was obtained from some forum/guide (I don't remember which one) and use of this id gives the name of "Intel HD Graphics 5500" in "About this Mac". No other id I tried has given me the name of my Graphics Hardware, so I supposed this id might be the right one. Not using any fake id or platform id, as you advised in previous reply. Already using the SMBIOS id as MBA7,2, as advised in previous reply and reply on other forum. Thanks for your help, sir. I am looking forward to get a working Graphics with your help. Regards CLOVER.zip Registry Output.zip
  13. Thanks for reply. I am going to configure graphics first. I made all the changes you asked. No difference except "About this Mac" shows only "Display" instead of "Intel HD Graphics 5500" but with same 4 MB. Attached is the modified config.plist file, screenshot of "About this Mac" and kext folder of clover. config.plist.zip
  14. Hi there, I have a Lenovo G40-80 running with macOS High Sierra (10.13) with working Ethernet/Bluetooth/Audio/USB 3.0/2.0. I am unable to make the Graphics/Battery Status/Touchpad working. Using clover as boot loader and dual boot with Windows 10 (EFI) and clover is installed in SSD EFI partition. Screen flickers after login and login screen in grey. Graphics Memory is displayed as 4 MB and System Information shows no kext loaded for Graphics. Graphics DVMT prealloc is 128 MB. (Determined with the help of a tutorial which says that if your Dedicated Graphics Memory in Windows is shown to be less than 128, your DVMT prealloc is Dedicated Memory + 32 and if it is 128 or greater then DVMT prealloc is equal to the Dedicated Memory. My Dedicated Graphics Memory is 128 MB, so...). I am using ig-platform-id=0x16160006. ----- What I have tried from different tutorials with no success. 1. Changing ig-platform-id to 0x16260006 and 0x16160002 results in Kernel Panic and system restarts. 2. Enabling Legacy Support has no effect. ----- Can anybody help please. My system configuration is: Manufacturer: Lenovo Model: G40-80 (80E4) Processor: Core i3-5005U Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5500 RAM: 4GB SSD: INTEL SSDSC2BF180A4H Ethernet: Realtek Wifi: Intel Dualband Wireless AC-3160 Touchpad: ELAN My clover config.plist is attached. config.plist.zip
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