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  1. Update I remove DSDT.aml finally boot in Catalina. And copy kext to L/E result as blew: [Work] CPU:15-8265U whiskylake Identified (GPU HD620 work) Camera Keyboard (All function can work) Sound (need copy kext to L/E can work?) Battery [Not Work] DW1820 (not DW1820A) is simple. I will replace with DW1820A. Trackpad (can move and gestures but can't click ) My question how to fix trackpad can't click and button work? VoodooI2C not support?
  2. Fn+B or Fn+F12 not work. But I find simple to fix. Close laptop (not shutdown) and reopen up , screen backlight is work. Finally I install OS X to SSD. But reboot again and stuck there "**In Memory Panic Stackshot Succeeded** Byte Traced 17296** Attempting system restart..." loop again and again. I try find some solution, but no idea to fix.Is my setting wrong? Please help me. Attach file is this time use EFI. Thanks you. EFI.zip
  3. Hi All Today I try install Catalina to my laptop(Latitude 7400). According to dennisc's successful Latitude 7400 EFI and Bronxteck fix 8265u stuck ApplePS2Mouse. But I found new problem. When going to apple install GUI. Backlight is low and hard to see any option. Is any way to fix this error? Thank you.
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