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  1. thank you so much! it's work very good!! God bless you all!!
  2. sorry I don't understand the second sentence. What will I have to do? I just reset NVRam but it's still NOT working.
  3. Dear Jake Lo, Here you are! EFI: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18YFCosk4j4W9IbL0W-YDlggQJPSXUJBX/view?usp=sharing IOReg: Daniel’s Dell E7270 IOreg.ioreg
  4. finally it's work with my clover boot. But I have no sound even I put AppleAHCIPort.kext, AppleALC.kext & Lilu.kext
  5. I have no idea how to reset nvram on this Laptop.
  6. I have this error in every EFI - including my old EFI working good with High Sierra & your EFI. Please help me!
  7. Dear All, Thank You @Jake Lo because I found the EFI Opencore from your post and I create USB boot but it was stuck on logo Apple. I used my old EFI Clover boot is working good but it was still have problem in Sleep mode (black screen). I'm using the MacBook Air's Wifi Card CS2 and It's working automatic. Please help me! my Clover EFI: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ulh6V8lgsQ22tRvUnZzFs1UPgDsRSnr-/view?usp=sharing and the OC EFI attach below: E7270_OC_JakeLo_test1.zip
  8. Hi @Jake Lo, please give me the EFI of E7270 to create USB boot Opencore. I tried 2 EFI of you updated and it wasn't work. Thank You
  9. @Jake Lo I am still sticking with sleep mode. The screen is black and I can't wake it up unless I hold the power button to restart Laptop. It's stuck when I click Lock Screen or Put Display to Sleep. Please help me in this final step. Thank You!!!
  10. @Jake Lo Is DW1560 or DW1830 plug and play? I read DW1820a had some part doesn't work so that I just afraid I buy incorrect.
  11. Oh, it's working when I close the lid, just turn off the screen and Laptop is still running. But when I close the lid and connect HDMI cable - the laptop sleep as before and I have to hold the power button to reset. Oh, I just install this kexts to EFI, and my Laptop is black screen when boot into Mac. Can I undo and remove this kexts by terminal USB Installer?
  12. When I close the lid, the screen is off. When I open the lid, the screen is black, the backlight keyboard and the power button still on. And It's just black like that until I hold the power button to turn off computer and restart it.
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