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  1. Hi @kayaman80 Did your Laptop fix sleep? I am using Dell E7270 with High Sierra and still have problem with sleep mode.
  2. @Jake Lo this is my debug debug_24594.zip
  3. @Jake Lo I am still sticking with sleep mode. The screen is black and I can't wake it up unless I hold the power button to restart Laptop. It's stuck when I click Lock Screen or Put Display to Sleep. Please help me in this final step. Thank You!!!
  4. @Jake Lo Is DW1560 or DW1830 plug and play? I read DW1820a had some part doesn't work so that I just afraid I buy incorrect.
  5. Oh, it's working when I close the lid, just turn off the screen and Laptop is still running. But when I close the lid and connect HDMI cable - the laptop sleep as before and I have to hold the power button to reset. Oh, I just install this kexts to EFI, and my Laptop is black screen when boot into Mac. Can I undo and remove this kexts by terminal USB Installer?
  6. When I close the lid, the screen is off. When I open the lid, the screen is black, the backlight keyboard and the power button still on. And It's just black like that until I hold the power button to turn off computer and restart it.
  7. One more question is: Which Wifi Card is the best? I plan to buy DW1820A because it is the cheapest to me but I just afraid about the kexts conflict something.
  8. Thank You @Jake Lo again for your helping. The trackpad is working good with 2 fingers. But the Sleep still NOT working even I disable Hibernate Mode (I did it before while I read your guide to install Mac). I already disable System Integrity Protection to remove SleepImage but NOT working and the final way is disable Sleep button on Apple Menu. Now I am still have stuck Sleep Mode after close the Lid so that I can't connect HDMI cable to external LCD.
  9. Thank You so much!!! I appreciate with your reply. It's working very good. but I have something to fix First: my trackpad is NOT working even my keyboard working perfectly. I tried to reinstall VoodooPS2controllerv7 but can't move, just left & right click only. (I read almost 82 pages of the topic REFINED ALPS TOUCHPAD DRIVER and tried many versions. ) Second: Can't wake the laptop after sleep or close the lid.
  10. Hello, I tried to install High Sierra (or Mojave) on my Laptop. I have follow the guide at: Clover Guide of Mod Jake Lo to create USB Installer. But after enter the Installer Mac Sierra, disable Wireless cards, I stuck in Apple Logo. I found another thread of @Joao Machado but still didn't work. Specs: Core i5-6300U, 16GB RAM, SSD 256 (non-NVMe), Intel 520 graphics, RTL8723BE Bios Ver: 1.3.0 SOLUTIONS: Using EFI and follow the instructions of Mod @Jake Lo. Thank You Jake so much!!! Here are my screenshots.
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