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Found 5 results

  1. Hi brothers))) I have an issue with installation of Mojave to this laptop... i've used bootpack from this thread .. I did't find anything related to this problem sorry.. but i can't even boot into installer... i'm stucking on apfs_module_start... and then on "still working for root device" with circle on the screen... i've used -igfxvesa but still without success... because my installer partition in pen drive is in HFS+ format i've removed VboxHFS from disabled drivers in config.plist... Please help folks)) thanks for any response) attaching photos and EFI folder) and yeah all those manipulations i've done in Windows 10... there's no working Macs right now EFI.zip
  2. macOS Catalina 10.15.4 installed on Dell Latitude E7270 with Clover r5107 but need help with HDMI external display not working. Copy of the Clover files I used in EFI/CLOVER is attached. Please help. Clover_files.zip
  3. Hello, I tried to install High Sierra (or Mojave) on my Laptop. I have follow the guide at: Clover Guide of Mod Jake Lo to create USB Installer. But after enter the Installer Mac Sierra, disable Wireless cards, I stuck in Apple Logo. I found another thread of @Joao Machado but still didn't work. Specs: Core i5-6300U, 16GB RAM, SSD 256 (non-NVMe), Intel 520 graphics, RTL8723BE Bios Ver: 1.3.0 SOLUTIONS: Using EFI and follow the instructions of Mod @Jake Lo. Thank You Jake so much!!! Here are my screenshots.
  4. Hi, Using the Guide to install High Serria in E7270, the installer freeze while trying to load USB. Could be something not right even with the USBinjectAall.kext. Could you help check. Thanks. The whole EFI folder is attached. EFI.zip
  5. I've tried all night reading through the forums and the guide to try to boot the High Sierra installer without luck. I've followed the guides at Dell Latitude E7x70 - Clover UEFI Only and Dell Latitude / Inspiron / Precision / Vostro / XPS - Clover Guide for creating the install media, installing Clover, and replacing (not merging) the generic EFI and high sierra bootpack. Things to note: I did not do not set DVMT to 96MB (0x3) - according to FireWolf's guide DVMT needs to be 96MB or more and I see it is 128MB in Windows. Or am I misinterpreting the need to do this? Specs: Core i5-6300U, 8GB DDR4, Intel 520 graphics, 1080P matte non-touch, 256GB Hynix SC308 M.2 SSD (non NVMe), Broadcom Atheros QCA61x4A WLAN (although when I opened up the laptop, it says this is a DW1820 chip; its okay if I don't have wifi, ethernet is fine), Intel I219-LM ethernet, fingerprint sensor, and NFC device BIOS: 1.19.4 BIOS settings: BIOS defaults, then TPM = Disabled, Secure Boot = Disabled, UEFI = Enabled, SATA = AHCI, = Wake on LAN = Disabled, and Legacy ROM = tried both Enabled and Disabled Clover settings: UEFI booting only, Clover in the ESP, add AptioMemoryFix Step considered: Clover R4586, replace generic EFI, add E7270 bootpack - stuck at "creating RAM disk for /var/log" (consistent) Reset /EFI, Clover R4558, replace generic EFI, add E7270 bootpack - random freeze at various points Replaced AptioMemoryFix with AptioMemoryFix-64 at some plint - didn't work Reset /EFI, Clover R4586, replace generic EFI, add E7270 bootpack, replace patched ACPI from various forum posts: 1, 2, 3 - random freeze at various points Was reading that the bootpack might have some outdated files, so - Reset /EFI, Clover R4558, generic EFI, E7270 bootpack, upgrade to Clover R4586 - stuck at "restore environment starting" (see image below) What am I missing? The DVMT fix? Attached is my origin dump from Clover. Thanks for any help! Origin ACPI files: origin.zip CLOVER folder: CLOVER.zip
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