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  1. Tank you @Hervé. Once again you were right about it. My wifi performance is very good now. I don't know how the chip is build but at the same time the BT is now also working fine! Perhaps, wifi and BT are linked in some way.
  2. Hello everyone, It's been several months without any trouble with my Hackintosh. Nevertheless, I noticed that my wifi tx rate is only 20 Mbps and I think it's rather slow. I'm using a BCM94360NG and all my kexts are placed in L/E. Also the BT sometimes seems to be a little slow. I think it's linked to the wifi problem. Any thoughts about it? Thanks!
  3. Same issue "your computer has restarted because of a problem" even after rebuilding the cache. I found that by pressing F11 at the clover boot menu, it does boot without any problem. If I don't press F11 to clear NVRAM, it cannot boot properly. Also sometimes I lose the brightness control. I think it has something to do with it. Maybe something about the BIOS, no?
  4. Ok, understood. I don't know what exactly is doing the DSDT.aml file. I only saw that it has something to de with the motherboard (nothing less...). Nevertheless, since I removed this file, the computer is not able to boot the first time. It always takes two times to boot properly with a message saying (your computer didn't boot normally etc.). Is that normal?
  5. Hello, Should we all remove the DSDT file from ACPI/Patched et reboot according to your recent post about Revised Clover pack #3? Is this file was the responsible?
  6. I think I know what happened when I lost the MacOS partition.Actually all was working fine before. I had my laptop connected to an external screen by HDMI, with a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse. The laptop was closed all the time. Usually, I activate the "sleep" mode when I don't use it. But the last time, I shut down the computer while closed and connected (HDMI). At this point, the macOS partition was lost. Does anyone experienced this issue?
  7. Ok thanks, I don't have this directory. O only have the hard disk in /System/Volumes.
  8. Ok! Seems to be working with VBoxHfs.efi alone. I will try to replace it by HFSPlus.efi and see if it works. I'm sure there something awkward between 10.15.4 and 10.15.5... @Hervé, when you say : "The macOS Install Data folders in /System/Volumes/Data, however, had to be manually removed to get rid of the temp partition" in updating to 10.15.5, can you explain to me what exactly need to be done?
  9. Since I'm doing it form scratch I just noticed that HSFPlus is not in the menu of clover bootloader version r5107. Should I replace HSFPlus by something else? Say VBoxHfs?
  10. Thank you for your reply! Unfortunately I don't have VboxHfs.efi. I tried to use HFSPlus.efi alone. No difference. I'm now reinstalling from the beginning. I think it has something to do with a certain update of Catalina which changes profoundly the names and locations of important files. Do you know why HFSPlus.efi is gone? Is it because I'm now running 10.15.5?
  11. Hello everyone, For the first time in weeks, I shutted down my computer for a fresh restart. Unfortunately, the clover boot manager doesn't show the MacOs installation anymore. I was on Catalina 10.15. Can I do something? The version of Clover is 5107. Also by pressing F3 (checked in the clover boot help) it showed the recovery boot option. I tried to reinstall Catalina from there. But it didn't worked saying something about an APFS problem. Last hypothesis : maybe I must follow this lead in order to put the missing OsxAptioFix2Drv-64.efi file in the right p
  12. Hello Everyone! I finally received my BCM94360NG! I plugged it and wifi and bluetooth are working fine even when I removed the DW1820A from the config.plist and set to "detect" the kext. It then works without any BRCMPatch or what so ever. I found that the wifi is rather slow compared to the DW1820A. Is there something to do in config.plist to get te wifi card recognized?
  13. Unfortunately adding bpr_presetdelay=250 didn't worked. I had to do a cold boot to see the version of the firmware change to v5974. All the devices are seen but none of them be be connected with BT. And no KP to report with the two ways of booting.
  14. So if a kext in installed in both LE and EC/k/O, it will be injected twice? Should I remove all kexts but Brcm ones before of E/C/k/O?
  15. I wondered if it is possible to inject only some kext from E/C/k/O (BRCM kexts and fakePCIID) and all the others from L/E. Is three something to do with config.plist to do so? I saw "ForceKextToLoad" in clover configurator. can I indicate here which kext I want to be loaded from E/C/k/O and set inject kexts to "detect"? I think it is more desirable to have working kext loaded from L/E until we find a solid solution for BT.
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