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  1. I have the version v7 c4096. I think that is the issue.
  2. After some tests and research, I think it wasn't really a USB problem. I installed BrcmBluetoothInjector.kext in /L/E and now BT is back in the menu. I don't now why it was missing. Now I must repair it because it doesn't work properly. I hope I didn't make any mistake when testing to regenerate USBPorts. By the way I found some kexts I don't remember I installed in /L/E like ATTOCelerityFC8.kext. Maybe some kexts already installed in MacOS? Thank You Hervé!
  3. So if I understand well, my current setup isn't able to detect all my USB ports including BT. When I load Clover Configurator nothing seems ta appear about USB ports. Does this issue has something to do with my BIOS setting in the beginning? How can I turn on all my USB ports?
  4. Hello everyone, I have an issue that I didn't found anywhere else mentioned. The WIFI works fine with my 1820A but BT doesn't. Actually, BT is even not recognized in the report system. In other words, the computer assumes that there no BT installed! Did anyone had the same issue?
  5. Hello, WIFI was working just fine until today on my Latitude 7490 using a dw1820a card. This is what I see. I cleaned up my clover file using the clover pack made by @Hervé and installed the kexts proposed by @Jake Lo. I can see the Wifi symbol but not activate it. Any idea? Thanks
  6. Thanks for your answer. In the mean time I've clover to boot only on some kext and it worked. Then I deleted FakeSMC from L/E and repaired permissions. It's working as before... ouf! Thanks!
  7. Hello, yesterday I installed fakeSMC il L/E. After repeating permissions and cache, I rebooted the computer but unfortunately I it won’t boot anymore. do you think I must do a whole new installation or is there an option in clover which I can use? thanks
  8. Thank you both very much for your answers. I will carefully follow your recommandations.
  9. I did a complete installation of Catalina from the beginning instead of an update of Mojave. It works well (besides BT but it's a common unsolved problem). I did the upgrade proposed for Catalina today and I lost the touchpad. This happens when the installation is new and is fixed by booting several times. This time, it didn't worked. I installed Voodoo in L/E/ and repaired permissions and touchpad is back now. I wonder if I must do the same with all the kext in clover? Or only some of them? And also must I delete form clover the kext once installed in L/E/? Is there some documentation I can read? Thanks!
  10. Hello, I have a working Catalina on my 7490. But BT only recognized other computers and phones but no mouse or other devices. I installed kexts in /L/E ( BrcmBluetoothInjector.kext, BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext, BrcmPatchRAM2.kext, FakePCIID_Broadcom_WiFi.kext and FakePCIID.kext) and it's still doesn't work. Any idea? Thanks
  11. Sure I did something wrong. I picked all the files In my working Mojave Clover/Drivers/UEFI and updated them when I updated Clover boot loader to r5070...
  12. I know now @Hervé that I made a big mistake. I thought I had to update in the same way it was installed...
  13. Thank you @Jake Lo I just did. But I can't use it since I'm blocked on the clover boot manager and Mojave refuses to load. The computer just reboot.
  14. I tried to update Clover. It is now on version r5070 (I don't know why it isn't r5093). Nevertheless while booting on Mojave, it won't show the apple and the computer restarts over automatically When I updated to r5070, I checked that the drivers in UEFI where the same, but I'm stuck now. What can I do? Thanks
  15. OK. What I understand is that I must first update Clover to the r5093 and then just update normally from system preferences. Is that right? 2/Kaby Lake R/UHD620 Latitude 7490 laptop: initial OS: Mojave 10.14.6 initial Clover: r4919 Catalina offered through the macOS Software Update panel. Updated Clover to r5093 before updating macOS. All Ok on upgrade completion.
  16. Hello, I have now Mojave on a Latitude 7490. I would like to know how to install Catalina. Must I follow the tuto made by @Hervé or is there a way to update from my actual installation? For example, do I have to install special kext and launch the update software from Apple?
  17. Hello, I have some problems with the bluetooth also. Handoof works but other devices are not recognized. I'm trying to apply the method of @Hervé which is there and seems to work fine with him. But I'm having troubles finding where to put the .hex file. I don't find any Resources folder of BrcmFirmwareRepo kext. I downloaded PlistEdit also.But I don't know how to update the key. Can anyone tell me where I can find explanations on how to do it? Thanks
  18. Waw. I replaced your fixed config.plist. It works fine! How did you do??? Thanks a lot!
  19. Simple question. Do I need to put your config.plist instead of mine in the EFI and to reboot or must I find the code lines dedicated to HDMI in your file?
  20. OK. I can already tell you that the second option didn't work. I changed the igplatform and the computer had some problems to boot. After that, the main display hasn't been recognized and the HDMI was off. I will now try the first option.
  21. This thread is about an issue of the HDMI output on a latitude 7490. It first began in this thread. As @Hervé said, it is "like covered with a veil and can't be removed even when playing with display colour settings." @Jake Lo asked me for the debug files when the motor is connected. Here it is.debug_30752.zip
  22. I'm sorry for the bad quality of the picture. It shows that the background is yellow whereas the menu of the video projector is white. It does the same on a classic display.
  23. The file is already installed in /Volumes/EFI/EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched/SSDT-ALC256.aml. I ran Hackintool to install CodecCommander.kext in /L/E and rebuild cache and permissions. Sound is back! My headphones now work great. Can you briefly explain to me what I have done? Maybe I have to do the same with the kext dealing with the video?
  24. Thank you. I received a new wifi card which works perfectly. Bluetooth doesn't work with every device but I'm able to use handoff. I have a nearly perfect hackintosh! I have two more little problems but I'm not sure they are suitable to this section of the forum. 1) No headphones are working. But are recognized. Nevertheless, the sound works without them. 2) I have a weird yellow color when I use the HDMI, with different cables and different screens (screen and Video-projector). Can it be an issue with the kext dealing with the video setup?
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